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My Top 50 of 2013: #20 – #11

Oh we’re nearly there aren’t we? I hope people are still interested anyway. I mean it’s just my opinion, no reason why you should be interested, but it keeps my hands busy over the holidays so I’m sure it’s for the greater good.

We hit the first barrage of Eurovision entries yesterday, who knows how many are left to find? Well I do, of course, but I’m not telling.

Go back to #50 – 41, #40 – 31, #30 – 21 or ahead to the Top 10

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Eurovision 2013: My Top 5

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

Eurovision 2013 might be firmly in the past, but it’s finally time for me to wrap up my countdown. Watching the DVD yesterday, it just confirmed how much I enjoyed everything about it. I had a great time in Oslo’s 2010 contest, but I felt a lot more investment in this. Following Baku’s 2012 contest closely to report on the blog really got me better acquainted with the contestants than ever, and this year I went even further on that front.

So now I don’t just think about the songs sent to Malmö, I also remember the arena, the performances, the characters. At the risk of sounding really sickly, it’s little things – the amazing reaction to Anouk qualifying, Gianluca’s goofy faces, Elitsa screaming “Bulgariaaaa” in the green room, Margaret’s victory Joey-dance, Esma… well, just Esma.

I don’t know if the songs are necessarily better than other music I listen to, but that emotional investment in the music and the performing artists have ensured I still don’t feel bored of the class of 2013 despite listening to them a LOT over the last 6 months.

I also hope that people who read this blog have enjoyed the journey too, it’s felt a bit labour-intensive at times, but I’ve been totally blown away with the numbers of views. Sure, a LOT of them have been people googling Eddie Razaz’s nipples and finding that ONE post (though fair play, he’s got a great body), but in March I wondered if I would break 50,000 views by this point, and instead I’m on the home stretch to 100,000 views instead. So thank you so much for this support, and I hope you hang around for the other stuff (Margaret Berger’s album review coming in the next few days for a start).

If you want to catch up on the rest of my countdown, here are links to #39-31, #30-21, #20-11 & #10-6. Also everything I’ve ever written about Eurovision 2013 (DAYS worth of writing) is in the Malmö 2013 hub.

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Eurovision 2013: Jury & Televote split revealed & examined!

So here’s the final piece of the puzzle. It might not be a completely illuminating piece – perhaps a grey bit that might be a bit of someone’s coat or a bird or something – but a crucial piece all the same.

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

Yes, Eurovision voting is a game of two halves. On one side is the voting public, much maligned for a poor taste for novelty acts, and allegedly involving themselves in bribery from other countries (yeah yeah). On the other are the mysterious juries, also much maligned but nonetheless regarded as the professional face of the scoring, made up – in theory – of singers, writers & composers.

This year we had a tweak to the rules that meant the juries ranked their songs from 1 to 26 rather than just listing their top 10, giving them the power to sink a song popular in the televote out of sheer SPITE! They’d do that you know, if you believe the loons. Of course the voting public had the capacity to do this already. Considering the juries are included for their invaluable insight, it did seem a bit odd that before 2013 we didn’t give a shit what they thought of their non-top-10 songs, even though their 11th place is surely going to be much more liked than their 26th. So I’m all for it. ANYWAY HERE ARE THE SCORES. Continue reading

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Eurovision 2013: Semi-final scores revealed

Shortly after the final concludes last night, SVT released the full results from the semi-finals. These are always kept secret until afterwards, as it is usually a strong indicator of success in the grand final and that would kill a lot of the anticipation, particularly if it looks like some countries are headed for disaster. So let’s pick over the bones before the televote/jury split is revealed later one.

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Eurovision 2013: Semi Final 2 results – Live from Malmö

The action continued today as the second semi-final took place at the Malmö Arena. As before, the show itself was spectacular, with the living orchestra opening the show in a much more vibrant and interesting way than any preview ever sounded. Interval acts Darin and Agnes totally ruled the stage for the Scandi-pop lovers out there, performing some of their biggest hits.

But with a slightly less of a foregone conclusion this time, seven unlucky songs were out of the running after tonight. There were some astonishing results tonight, and without wanting to sound too dramatic it has implications for some long-held beliefs about voting patterns…

While you’re here, my Malmö 2013 hub has reviews and videos of all the entries, as well as other news and review of the national selections. Or you can click “Malmö 2013″ at the top of the screen.

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

I was very lucky to attend the jury rehearsal last night, and got a spot in the very front row, in the centre. I got some incredible pictures, but sadly I don’t have the cord for my camera here (oops) so I’ll post them next week. It was a surreal and amazing experience, it felt like there were just a few of us there, the whole arena behind me disappeared.

It was a night that further solidified my feelings that there is nothing like Eurovision, and I will always want to be a part of it. I’m sure that sounds like hysterical ramblings of an overexcited and slightly drunk blogger, but in a contest that has put the phrase “We are One” to great use, it was a very personal connection with the contest that I won’t forget.

Enough of this … what about those results? Continue reading

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