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Kiev calling – Ukraine’s Eurovision Selection 2014 Final

UkraineAbout time I started this off then, kicking off the 2014 session with one of the biggest national finals any country has for their Eurovision pre-selection. But it seems to work, because this country is Ukraine. They’ve had plenty of issues on home turf in the last few months, but the show must go on; they’ve got a good strike-rate to maintain.

Ukraine are one of the biggest hitters in Eurovision right now. Since their 2003 debut they’ve had 5 top 5 finishes, including last year’s 3rd place finish for the amazing Zlata Ognevich. Can they do even better in Copenhagen, and maybe even claim a second victory?

Ukraine was the first country to hold a national final, getting things sorted on 21 December. A 50/50 split of Jury & SMS voting decided the winner. I’ll look at each of the 20 finalists from 20th place to the eventual winner.

You can watch the entries too, they have all been helpfully uploaded by Youtube user Bonn Bon

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