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Bern calling – Switzerland’s Eurovision 2014 selection

Ahh, the Swiss. Famed for their beautiful Alpine landscape, their Toblerones, their cheese. Sadly, not for their Eurovision entries. At least not for a while. Celine Dion provided their second win in 1988, and you have to go back all the way to the very first Eurovision for the other Swiss victory, from a certain Lys Assia.

SwitzerlandNo, the Swiss are lovers not fighters, and this softly-softly approach has unfortunately seen them snubbed from 6 of the last 7 grand finals. Could this be the year? It always feels like a bit of a long shot, but you never know. Despite their rather understated nature, Switzerland has a knack of attracting curious rumours, often involving UK X-Factor participants, as well as the persistent rumour that Lys Assia would mount a campaign to take the Eurovision stage once more.

But not this year. Four Swiss broadcasters all put forward candidates, which were whittled down to a final 6, and a 50/50 Jury & Televote decided the winner of the Swiss ticket to Copenhagen last Saturday. So let’s see what they came up with, eh?

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Eurovision Reloaded: Tallinn 2002 – #15 – 6

Time to continue our upward climb through the songs presented at Tallinn’s first Eurovision Song Contest. The first nine might not have been all-time classics but maybe 2002 won’t be a dead loss after all.

esc 2002 banner tallinn

Although I would say, the standard of songs in 2002 was such that LATVIA won. I mean come on! You remember Latvia, right?

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Eurovision 2013: My #30 – 21

I promise to get this done soon, it feels like so long ago since Eurovision, to the point where there is plenty of news already about next year’s Danish contest, including the amazing and shocking news that San Marino’s two-time representative confirmed she is going for a third attempt.

You can skip back to #39-31 or ahead to #20-11, #10-6 and the top 5, as well as the Malmö 2013 hub for everything I’ve ever written about this year’s contest.

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

But before we get ahead of ourselves, how about dealing with the 2013 contest? I loved this year’s entries. It may have been difficult to zero in on a winner, but even the mid-table songs on my countdown are pretty good, and I imagine I’ll keep a lot of them for the iPod after this is all over. So without further ado… Continue reading


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Eurovision 2013: Jury & Televote split revealed & examined!

So here’s the final piece of the puzzle. It might not be a completely illuminating piece – perhaps a grey bit that might be a bit of someone’s coat or a bird or something – but a crucial piece all the same.

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

Yes, Eurovision voting is a game of two halves. On one side is the voting public, much maligned for a poor taste for novelty acts, and allegedly involving themselves in bribery from other countries (yeah yeah). On the other are the mysterious juries, also much maligned but nonetheless regarded as the professional face of the scoring, made up – in theory – of singers, writers & composers.

This year we had a tweak to the rules that meant the juries ranked their songs from 1 to 26 rather than just listing their top 10, giving them the power to sink a song popular in the televote out of sheer SPITE! They’d do that you know, if you believe the loons. Of course the voting public had the capacity to do this already. Considering the juries are included for their invaluable insight, it did seem a bit odd that before 2013 we didn’t give a shit what they thought of their non-top-10 songs, even though their 11th place is surely going to be much more liked than their 26th. So I’m all for it. ANYWAY HERE ARE THE SCORES. Continue reading

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