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Nintendo 3DS Mii Plaza – Streetpass games

I’ve been enjoying a bit of a renaissance with my Nintendo 3DS lately. I mean you know I’ve been playing Animal Crossing practically every day since its June release, but that had the effort of barging out practically any other game. Pokemon X&Y broke the spell for a while, but soon Animal Crossing overwhelmed it again, Highlander-style (“there can be only one”).

But with interest in Animal Crossing starting to wane, I’ve been ploughing through several other games that have been sitting on my 3DS desktop for ages. Mostly those 3DS Ambassador games – how the hell do you play Kirby & The Magic Mirror? Linear platforms please! I’ve just got through a shoddy port of Super Mario Bros 3 from the NES too, that game is rock hard… I still have Super Mario Bros 2 though, weird game.

StreetPass infoGames have come and gone, but there has been one constant for the nearly 3 years since I got my original 3DS: Streetpass. As with the Nintendo Wii, you can create a cartoonish likeness for yourself – a Mii – for your console. Making use of the short-range WiFi capacity of the console, you can keep your 3DS on standby when you go out, and any other 3DS it encounters it will talk to. The stranger’s Mii will visit your plaza and vice versa, allowing them to participate in mini-games in the Mii Plaza. Continue reading

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