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Oslo calling: Norway’s 2014 Eurovision pre-selection (Norsk Melodi Grand Prix)

Norway! One of the most beloved of Eurovision nations – at least to me. That Scandinavian bloc can’t stay out of trouble lately, Sweden is the poster child for Eurovision success, but in the last decade Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway have all tasted Eurovision victory (come on Iceland…). Sure, Norway have also tasted their fair share of disasters over the year, still holding that nul points record that’s unlikely to ever be broken now the semi-finals are here, but they are consistently a good bet for some top quality Scandinavian pop.

NorwayThey’ve been in Eurovision almost since it started, and have picked up three wins – most recently Alexander Rybak’s landslide victory in Moscow, winning the 2009 contest. Last year was a good year too, with the amazing Margaret Berger picking up 4th place. Norway have tasted defeat enough to keep them on their toes though, and qualification isn’t handed to them as readily as other nations.

Three semi-finals whittled 15 competitors down to nine, with a national final held at the Oslo Spektrum once again. A 50/50 mix of a jury vote and a public vote decided who was flying the Norwegian flag in Copenhagen, and trying to keep Eurovision in Scandinavia for a third year.

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