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Madonna’s Secret Project Revolution (1 out of 3 isn’t bad)

Goodness me, I was a bit tired today but still I decided it was a good idea to try and watch Madonna’s much-heralded (by her) collaboration with Steven Klein as part of her new global initiative (…) ArtForFreedom to support freedom of expression for the oppressed. Those poor oppressed, they never catch a break. First there’s the oppression and now this! Actually perhaps I’m being oppressed, I’m gay, right? So far I’m just feeling unimpressed.

madonna secret projectPoor Madonna, her heart’s in the right place as ever, but it’s tough for a popstar to ‘do’ politics. I say though, maybe it’s not possible. I’m sure it does a lot of good when celebrities are patrons of charities and raise awareness, but this project is a bit too broad in its objectives. She wants to start a revolution, she keeps saying. Oppression is bad! Well of course. What do you want us to do? Continue reading

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