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Film: “The Grand Budapest Hotel” (2014)

Not sure what I can say about this film, other than I was too quick to judge it. I’ve never quite got the measure of director Wes Anderson. I have fond memories of “The Royal Tenenbaums”, but I think then it may have been the galaxy of famous actors in it, and now it might be nostalgia playing its part. I might give it another go soon.

the grand budapest hotel“The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou” I remember less fondly, though (and I forget he directed this), “Fantastic Mr Fox” is superb and I recommend you watch it right away. But needless to say, Wes has a distinctive style, and can attract big-named actors like flypaper.

“The Grand Budapest Hotel”, set in the fictitious and mountainous nation of Zubrowka, it recounts a period in the life of the titular hotel’s renowned concierge, Gustave (Ralph Fiennes), as told by his apprentice Zero (Tony Revolori, who curiously doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet). After a wealthy customer (a dessicated Tilda Swinton) dies and bequeathes something of great value to her beloved Gustave, her outraged family take every chance to settle the matters of the deceased’s estate in their favour.

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Film: “The Host” (2013)

The power of low expectations again. Still reeling from the shock that “The Croods” was a lot of fun, I approached “The Host” with trepidation. After all, it’s a book adaption from visionary of our time Stephenie “Twilight” Meyer, and I still haven’t quite recovered from the ending to “Breaking Dawn”. A 12% rating on Rottentomatoes and an iffy trailer sweetened the deal further. But I quite enjoyed it!

Aliens have taken over Earth with no signs of a struggle. But this is a benign invasion, they don’t mean to kill, they are squiddly diddly alien dust-bunnies that slither into your brain via an incision in your neck and assume control of your body. No really evil motives, they just want to experience our world and make it better before we ruin it. They cured all illness, conquered stains (they wear a lot of white so this was a priority) and defeated greasy fingerprints – honestly, I’ve never seen so many chrome-finished surfaces. Continue reading

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