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Film: “300: Rise of an Empire” (2014)

I hadn’t been too bothered to go and see the new “300” film, but I’m pleased I did. I only watched the original “300” some time after the event, and found it fairly uninteresting, though its impact in the creation of similar blokey gorefest films and TV series hasn’t gone unnoticed.

300_Rise_of_an_EmpireUnusually, “300: Rise of an empire” serves as both a prequel, sequel and accompanying story to “300”, the events of the latter playing out off-screen during the film. It gives much more depth to the film, a bigger picture than “300” painted. It follows the career of (decidedly Aussie) Greek general and master tactician Thermistocles (Sullivan Stapleton), starting from the moment he became a legend, killing the king of the oncoming Persian army (father of God-King Xerxes).

On the flip-side we get to see the making of Xerxes (sexy Rodrigo Santoro), from grieving son to re-made, supernatural golden God. This also introduces the main antagonist to Thermistocles, the devastating beauty and commander of the Navy, Artimicia (Eva Green). We are narrated through the back story by the dependably brilliant Lena Headey, reprising her role as Queen Gorgo of the Spartans in role that it too small, but she owns every minute of screentime. Continue reading

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