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Film: “Cuban Fury” (2014)

This film was a compromise. I say compromise, my sisters wanted to see something with me, and wanted to see this. I didn’t have any better ideas, so that was that. I realised as the lights went down that the last time we had all gone to see a film together was “Titanic”. I can’t imagine this film will have quite the lasting impression of “Titanic”, but that’s probably OK because it wasn’t really trying.

cuban fury posterWith Simon Pegg off doing Star Trek, sidekick Nick Frost seems to just be doing films that would have otherwise had Simon Pegg in them. This isn’t a good thing for me, I never really warmed to Nick in the way that practically everyone else seems to have. In “Cuban Fury” he at least broke his usual mould of crude, annoying best friend, but what was left?

Having been bullied (seemingly just on one evening), he gave up his talent of salsa dancing and became a spineless victim. Whoever wrote this film evidently wasn’t writing from experience, this world was populated by easily distinguishable good & bad guys. Chris O’Dowd was wasted as the office bastard ceaselessly knocking our brave hero Bruce(!) down in his quest to have sex with their sexy new boss. Continue reading

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