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The Men of Malmö 2013 – Part 2

Oh now how can you say I don’t give you what you want? After all the effort I spend writing posts on this blog, all most of you want to do is look at mucky pictures of singers. And why not? I don’t hold it against you, I might go and do that right now. But first, in honour of the first Men of Malmö post, here’s a second portion. I fear I used most of the best ones on the first post, so look at that too! I’ve got loads of the Baku guys too, if you’re good…

There’s also a 2014 remix – The Men of Copenhagen!

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Eurovision 2013: Deleted Scenes

I’ve written plenty about Eurovision this year (check my Malmö 2013 hub for the whole sorry extent of it). So I think maybe that’s enough. Pictures are supposed to say 1,000 words, so here are tens of thousands of words to keep you busy. I’ll do a non-Eurovision write-up about Malmö the city later on. I must think of a way to share my photos better, any ideas?

Click on the thumbnails to see the full pictures. WordPress thoughtfully jumbled up the order once I uploaded them, so have fun working out where they were from. They are from variously:

  • Semi-Final 1
  • Semi-Final 2 Jury Rehearsal (i.e. the good ones where I was right at the front perving on Farid
  • Semi-Final 2
  • Grand Final Jury Rehearsal (look out for Russia winning)
  • A gig at the Euro Cafe featuring Eddie Razaz, Stockholm Syndrome & Pay-TV (gig review)
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The Men of Malmö 2013 (a.k.a. shameless bait for Google searches)

Oh don’t pretend, I know what some of you are after. After all, I could hardly ignore the several hundred search hits for “Ott Lepland penis” and similar terms after last year’s contest. So I thought, why not just pull out all the stops and just give you what you want. Don’t worry, I’ve taken the burden of searching for all this stuff for you, no need to worry.

If you’re interested in the music of Eurovision or Melodifestivalen of course, please read my blog. Click Malmö 2013, Baku 2012 or just plain old ESC for hubs to all sorts of reviews, as well as the other page tabs at the top to find everything else. Have fun! Click the thumbnails to enlarge.

UPDATE – there’s a PART 2 now, and the 2014 version, The Men of Copenhagen!

Azerbaijan – Farid Mammadov

Farid Mammadov ShirtlessFarid Mammadov Shirtless Continue reading


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