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Valletta calling: Malta’s Eurovision 2014 selection

Malta! The little island that could. Could but hasn’t. The little island that SHOULD. Yes, this tiny Mediterranean island is the definition of the Eurovision giant-slayer, and I feel that it’s only a matter of time before it finally wins. Indeed it’s the most successful Eurovision nation never to win the contest. Perhaps not something you want to brag about, but they certainly attack the contest with an enthusiasm you’d struggle to find outside Scandinavia.

MaltaThe semi-finals haven’t been the kind to Malta, but they have still managed to qualify for four of the eight grand finals where it was necessary. Since the native language rule was dispensed with in 1999, their advantage of being one of the few countries with English as a native language vanished too, but that hasn’t stopped them notching up two 2nd place finishes since.

Despite the lean times, last year Gianluca returned Malta to the top 10 for the first time since 2005, and Malta even won the Junior Eurovision, so maybe they will be energised enough to go all the way this year. An impressive 210 entries were submitted and narrowed down to 20, including a eye-popping number of former representatives at ESC and JESC as writers and performers.

These 20 competed in a semi-final to choose the top 14 finalists, while a rather skewed mix of an international jury and a televote (5:1 for the jury) decided the Maltese representative to Copenhagen. There’s a sense they were ignoring the public a bit with that setup. The public’s winner only came 8th after being trashed by the jury votes! I guess it’s time to see if I agree with them or not.

malta eurovision song contest 2014 mesc

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My Top 50 of 2013: #20 – #11

Oh we’re nearly there aren’t we? I hope people are still interested anyway. I mean it’s just my opinion, no reason why you should be interested, but it keeps my hands busy over the holidays so I’m sure it’s for the greater good.

We hit the first barrage of Eurovision entries yesterday, who knows how many are left to find? Well I do, of course, but I’m not telling.

Go back to #50 – 41, #40 – 31, #30 – 21 or ahead to the Top 10

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My Top 40 Movies of 2013

It’s that time of the year when I like to cast an eye back over the 12 months passed. As a warm-up to my 5-day extravaganza of my favourite music of 2013, here are my top 40 movies. Those are all 40 films I’ve seen at the cinema this year, it’s not just an arbitrary cut-off.

Despite a pretty dull Autumn I was a little surprised to have seen so many, exactly double what I watched in 2012! Thanks, Cineworld Unlimited Card… I’ve linked to the reviews where I’ve written one too.

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Single: M83 ft Susanne Sundfør – “Oblivion” (2013)

Oh yes, I’m still pushing my Susanne Sundfør agenda, and I’m not done yet, I’ve still got an album to review of hers! Anyway, I somehow missed this track when I saw Tom Cruise movie “Oblivion” earlier in the year.

BW190496_06_05_9_010V3In fact, I don’t really remember much of the soundtrack apart from a vaguely positive feeling. The good reason behind that was that it was produced by in-vogue French electro act M83. If the name isn’t super-familiar maybe you remember “Midnight City”, which was used as backing music to all sorts of things over the last few years. Continue reading


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GUHHHHHH. I’m sick. Well not really that sick, it’s only a cold. Yesterday I went from a sore throat, via several grades of snottiness to a massive headache and total nasal shutdown. Today I’m not so bad, still bunged up and horrible, but no headache. My throat is all claggy now though, I feel like I’m constantly clearing my throat. Fortunately I had a day off planned after working last weekend so at least I didn’t HAVE to do anything.

busy doing nothingI thought I’d take the time to do all manner of menial tasks that I hadn’t managed last weekend as I was working. Didn’t quite manage that though. I COOKED breakfast, another pile of eggy onion & ham stuff, which was fine. I paid off my credit card (overtime solves all problems), and with the knowledge that there’s an even bigger stack of overtime coming my way in a month’s time, I’m looking for efficient ways to keep it out of my bank account by propping up the economy. (I will have you, iPad) Continue reading

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