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My Madonna Top 40: Top 5

Time to wrap this up, and there can be only one victor. No doubt plenty of people would disagree with my choices, but I’m picking her biggest songs, or most influential, just the ones I’ve had the most fun with. So SUCK IT. But no, she’s got such a huge back catalogue there’s so much there for people to explore, whatever they are into. I just hope she makes yet another massive comeback in the near future.

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Album: Madonna – “Ray of Light” (1998)

OOH now we are really on the road. We continue on to the first Madonna album I ever bought, shortly after its release in 1998. I was buying a lot of CDs at that time, and while I liked Frozen enough to get the cassette single, Ray of Light (the song) really blew me away and I had to get the album.

This still sounds amazing years later. I was very pleased to realise this, as it had started to fade a little last time I listened to it, but now I’ve almost rediscovered it. Oh and how gorgeous is the artwork? Continue reading


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