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Jerusalem calling: Israel’s 2014 Eurovision selection (Kdam)

Celebrating 40 years in Eurovision, Israel started well, even picking up back-to-back wins in the late 70s. They arguably ushered in the modern era of Eurovision when Dana International won in 1998, but since then things haven’t come quite so easily.

IsraelThe 21st century has seen a patchy qualification record with the occasional top 10 finish, but the last three years have seen Israel miss the final. Mei Finegold was chosen internally to bring hope back to the controversial Eastern state, with a public vote in selection event Kdam deciding which of three songs will go to Copenhagen.

It will be an uphill struggle, but Mei seems to be a popular artist, and I do love a bit of Hebrew. Weirdly there were no live performances of these, music videos were filmed for all three songs. Extravagant!

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