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Road to Copenhagen 2014: Twin Twin – “Moustache” (France)

Last of the Big Five now, and WHAT a song. But could it be another Big Five victory – only the second one this century?

FranceFor France, it will have been a victory long-awaited. You have to rewind back to 1977 for their last win, and back to 2002 to find their last top 5 finish. Once thing I have always loved about them though, is that despite the last decade being full of disappointing results (including half of them finishing in the bottom 5), they have always brought something interesting to the show. There is no “typical” French entry. For this reason, I think they deserve more to show for their position as a founder member of the contest. Continue reading

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Brussels calling: Belgium’s 2014 Eurovision pre-selection

This is it! The last one!! Belgium’s decision on 16 March was the last contestant selection for Eurovision that the public had anything to do with, and marked the end of the pre-selection season. Thank God for that, I’m sure you’re all sick of it by now, aren’t you? Is there anyone left?

BelgiumBelgium were here from the start, a founding father of Eurovision and only absent from three contests – forcibly removed after being relegated for bad results. They’ve only got one win to their names, all the way back in 1986, and had victory cruelly snatched away in Riga, coming a very close 2nd in 2003. But since the semi-finals have come in, things have been tough.

Of its 9 entries put through the semi-final process, only two made it to the final, though last year’s 12th place finish for the delightful Roberto Bellarosa made it clear that they can still get noticed with the right song. 2010’s Tom Dice even won his semi in Oslo, though had to settle for 6th on the night.

Eurosong decided the Belgian representative, with an extensive audition process governed by three jurors, and later on also the spirited Ukranian winner Ruslana. 30 competitors were thinned down to 12 semi-finalists (4 via a second-change ‘callback’ round), who finally performed their songs in 3 semi-finals. Six acts survived to the final, where a Belgian jury, several international juries and a televote decided the winner. I like when the televote scores are proportional to the votes, I’m just like that. Let’s hope this was worth the wait though, this contest is still wide open.

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Chișinău calling – Moldova’s 2014 Eurovision pre-selection (O Melodie Pentru Europa)

Apologies – I accidentally posted this unfinished yesterday, all sorted now!

The last big national final of the season, you can always count on Eastern Europe to come up with a giant grand final. I have a feeling this might be pretty hard going, but the end is in sight; only Belgium left to write about.

MoldovaSo Moldova. Looking at their short Eurovision history, they’re actually pretty solid, with only two songs I’d say I wasn’t very keen on (2006 & 2008). They’ve yet to follow up their 2005 debut with another top 10 finish, despite two cruel 11th places in 2012 & 2013, but one of these days I’m sure they will manage it.

O Melodie Pentru Europa started only four days before the final, but in that time two semi-finals of 12 songs were sent through to the 16-strong final. A 50/50 jury/televote decided the winner, representing Moldova in May’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen.

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Lisbon calling: Portugal’s 2014 Eurovision pre-selection (Festival da Canção)

Welcome back, Portugal. They’ve only been away for a year, avoiding 2013’s contest in Malmö for financial reasons, but they are back. They have a score to settle – Portugal debuted at Eurovision 50 years ago, and so far have yet to pick up a victory.

PortugalEven worse, they’ve never even managed to get to the top 5 in all that time, and haven’t even seen the top 10 since 1996. What are they doing wrong? Perhaps their insistence on performing in Portuguese – their prerogative of course – is maybe stopping Europe enjoy the intricacies of Portuguse song-writing. Or more likely they haven’t sent many great songs in recent memory.

Sure, they’ve never been that bad, but I don’t think I’ve ever been blown away. Festival da Canção hopes to resolve that, with a semi-final thinning the herd from 10 finalists to 5, where a televote decides the final winner.

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Oslo calling: Norway’s 2014 Eurovision pre-selection (Norsk Melodi Grand Prix)

Norway! One of the most beloved of Eurovision nations – at least to me. That Scandinavian bloc can’t stay out of trouble lately, Sweden is the poster child for Eurovision success, but in the last decade Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway have all tasted Eurovision victory (come on Iceland…). Sure, Norway have also tasted their fair share of disasters over the year, still holding that nul points record that’s unlikely to ever be broken now the semi-finals are here, but they are consistently a good bet for some top quality Scandinavian pop.

NorwayThey’ve been in Eurovision almost since it started, and have picked up three wins – most recently Alexander Rybak’s landslide victory in Moscow, winning the 2009 contest. Last year was a good year too, with the amazing Margaret Berger picking up 4th place. Norway have tasted defeat enough to keep them on their toes though, and qualification isn’t handed to them as readily as other nations.

Three semi-finals whittled 15 competitors down to nine, with a national final held at the Oslo Spektrum once again. A 50/50 mix of a jury vote and a public vote decided who was flying the Norwegian flag in Copenhagen, and trying to keep Eurovision in Scandinavia for a third year.

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