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Riga calling: Latvia’s 2014 Eurovision selection (Dziesma)

Brace yourselves, it’s time to see what Latvia came up with this year. I almost dare not look, Latvia might come up with a few corkers, but they are few and far between. 2012’s magnificent “Beautiful Song” was perhaps Latvia best song for ages, but it joined the large group of Latvian entries that never made it to the final.

LatviaIt’s like someone flicked a switch in Latvia’s fortunes, who enjoyed residency in every final since their 2000 debut, until 2009. From then on, they’ve never even come 15th in a semi-final. Given most of the semi-finals are usually only about 17 entries, that’s a consistently awful record… forget San Marino & Montenegro’s attempts to finally qualify for a final, a good year for Latvia these days would just involve NEARLY qualifying!

That said, they somehow managed to WIN Eurovision back in Tallinn in 2002, is that potential still there? Goodness knows I hope so. Two semi-finals of 12 songs each contributed to a 12-strong grand final of selection show Dziesma. Then a 50/50 Jury/Televote decided the top 3 superfinalists, and a similar format decided the final winner, with the curious introduction of internet voting added to SMS voting, available to international viewers! Let’s see who the Latvians decided to send to Copenhagen…

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