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The Men of Malmö 2013 – Part 2

Oh now how can you say I don’t give you what you want? After all the effort I spend writing posts on this blog, all most of you want to do is look at mucky pictures of singers. And why not? I don’t hold it against you, I might go and do that right now. But first, in honour of the first Men of Malmö post, here’s a second portion. I fear I used most of the best ones on the first post, so look at that too! I’ve got loads of the Baku guys too, if you’re good…

There’s also a 2014 remix – The Men of Copenhagen!

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600th post: Thank you! / ありがとうございました!

What an unexpected day it’s been!! My day has been really crappy actually, and I was really fed up until I logged into my WordPress app and saw I’d gone viral suddenly!


The cause seems to be my review of Perfume’s first gig in the UK which today was picked up by (I guess) a fan news site. I can’t really understand the comments on the sites I found it on, but I’m very happy that people seem to be interested. Hopefully they aren’t all saying “What a moron” in Japanese… though someone from Chicago helpfully left a comment to that effect on the thread. Seriously?

Anyway, I hope people carry on reading, I’m having the depressing post-Eurovision decline, where all my graphs are going down, but I have to still be grateful for all the views I’ve received. We aren’t even at the 2nd anniversary yet, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be so close to 100,000 views. In fact even in April this year I dared to dream that I might reach 50,000 by the end of Eurovision season (I was on 42,000 at that point). Continue reading

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Eurovision 2013: Jury & Televote split revealed & examined!

So here’s the final piece of the puzzle. It might not be a completely illuminating piece – perhaps a grey bit that might be a bit of someone’s coat or a bird or something – but a crucial piece all the same.

Eurovision 2013 Malmö logo banner

Yes, Eurovision voting is a game of two halves. On one side is the voting public, much maligned for a poor taste for novelty acts, and allegedly involving themselves in bribery from other countries (yeah yeah). On the other are the mysterious juries, also much maligned but nonetheless regarded as the professional face of the scoring, made up – in theory – of singers, writers & composers.

This year we had a tweak to the rules that meant the juries ranked their songs from 1 to 26 rather than just listing their top 10, giving them the power to sink a song popular in the televote out of sheer SPITE! They’d do that you know, if you believe the loons. Of course the voting public had the capacity to do this already. Considering the juries are included for their invaluable insight, it did seem a bit odd that before 2013 we didn’t give a shit what they thought of their non-top-10 songs, even though their 11th place is surely going to be much more liked than their 26th. So I’m all for it. ANYWAY HERE ARE THE SCORES. Continue reading

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Eurovision 2013: Semi-final scores revealed

Shortly after the final concludes last night, SVT released the full results from the semi-finals. These are always kept secret until afterwards, as it is usually a strong indicator of success in the grand final and that would kill a lot of the anticipation, particularly if it looks like some countries are headed for disaster. So let’s pick over the bones before the televote/jury split is revealed later one.

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Eurovision 2013: Great Danish Victory & Final Results

So there we have it, the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest is over, and the winner – as predicted by the bookies – was Denmark’s entry by Emmelie de Forest with “Only Teardrops”. Those expecting a runaway victory were in for a shock though, as a landslide wasn’t forthcoming.

Before I start – a massive thanks to everyone who has been reading my Eurovision coverage. Over 5,000 views in one day is almost double my personal best, and I am so happy and shocked that this has happened (even if you were probably just googling Farid’s nipples!). I’m not done with ESC2013 yet, so stay tuned and bookmark this blog if you enjoy it!

emmelie de forest only teardrops denmark eurovision win

Before we chew over the stats, let’s have a look at those final rankings: Continue reading

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