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My Madonna Top 40: #20 – 11

Whew… writing is such hard work at the moment, why am I so lazy? I’m still claiming Eurovision comedown, is that still alright? Huff… but no, here we are, inching closer to that top 10. Can you contain yourself? I hope so. If not, put down a towel or something. IT’S ON!

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My Madonna Top 40: #30 – 21

At the weekend I kicked off the home stretch of Madonna write-ups, having covered all the studio albums over the last few months. But here’s another ten of the best – according to me anyway.

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My Madonna Top 40: #40 – 31

Regular readers will know that over recent months I have posted reviews of every single one of Madonna’s studio albums, and some tidy-up reviews of all the non-album singles and whatnot that came in-between. As is traditional, now I’ve finished another back catalogue, I’ll count down my favourite tracks and wait for the abuse to come streaming in. Enjoy!

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Madonna: The rest of the 00’s

Right, before I have a go at counting down my top Madonna songs, there are a few little stragglers from the 00’s to get through. What will the next decade hold for her though? I loved “MDNA” but it was hardly the commercial success we’ve gotten used to from the old girl. If anything though, she’s shown the impressive ability to make huge comebacks.

After “Ray of Light” she managed to dominate the world all over again as one of its biggest touring acts, with her celebrity status reaching another crescendo in 2000 with the “Music” album. After the blip of the panned but amazing “American Life”, she bounced back with one of the biggest hits of her career in “Hung up” and the massive “Confessions on a Dance Floor” album. Maybe it looks like she’s lost her touch now, but those seem to be the moments when she launches those big comebacks.

Anyway I realised there was one particularly big 1999 soundtrack song I missed out in the 90s write-up, so that’s along for the ride too. Continue reading

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Madonna: The rest of the 90s

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know now that I’ve reviewed all of Madonna’s studio albums. You can check them all out by clicking “Music” at the top, or just clicking this link, then look for the “Back Catalogue” section.

The 90s have a lot more loose ends than the 80s as Madonna diversified into different projects, and we had a few compilation albums too. That’s not to say these are offcuts, some of them are amongst her best tracks!

The Immaculate Collection

I love “The Immaculate Collection”, it is an essential for long road trips alone, even if it means I get mocked by pre-teens in neighbouring cars while we are waiting at the lights. “Celebration” might be a suitable all-encompassing alternative, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for a bit of old-school, aren’t you? Continue reading

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