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Madonna’s Secret Project Revolution (1 out of 3 isn’t bad)

Goodness me, I was a bit tired today but still I decided it was a good idea to try and watch Madonna’s much-heralded (by her) collaboration with Steven Klein as part of her new global initiative (…) ArtForFreedom to support freedom of expression for the oppressed. Those poor oppressed, they never catch a break. First there’s the oppression and now this! Actually perhaps I’m being oppressed, I’m gay, right? So far I’m just feeling unimpressed.

madonna secret projectPoor Madonna, her heart’s in the right place as ever, but it’s tough for a popstar to ‘do’ politics. I say though, maybe it’s not possible. I’m sure it does a lot of good when celebrities are patrons of charities and raise awareness, but this project is a bit too broad in its objectives. She wants to start a revolution, she keeps saying. Oppression is bad! Well of course. What do you want us to do? Continue reading

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DVD: Madonna – MDNA Tour

She took her time but finally the MDNA tour, which finished at the end of last year, has been released on DVD. It’s over a year since I had seen the show in person (my review), and while in theory I had a great position, I didn’t have a great view and I think a lot of the spectacular visuals were lost on me a bit.

Unfortunately I still feel that way a bit, after the headache-inducing direction and editing on this one. For most of the first half, the transitions between shots are so rapid-fire that I felt like I was having a seizure. Far from capturing the energy of the show, it just made it so hard to tell what was going on. I found that a great shame considering how much goes into the choreography and visuals. Continue reading

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Turning 30 (again)

OK FINE you got me, I’m 31 today. After tragically failing to win the Pulitzer for my moving post on turning 30 last year, another year has passed. I don’t feel like I’ve really gone anywhere since the last birthday though.

is-mah-birfday-where-r-caek-dammitI mean in literal terms I have of course; I did my coach trip thing around Russia and various other bits of Eastern Europe, I stayed with my friend in Paris, I’ve just got back from a mini-break in Amsterdam, and of course I had a little trip to Malmö, Sweden for a little think called Eurovision.

But in general terms I’m pretty much where I was. Same house, same job, same socks (I need new socks). It’s time for a change, but more on that another day (once I’ve done something about it). Continue reading

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My Madonna Top 40: Top 5

Time to wrap this up, and there can be only one victor. No doubt plenty of people would disagree with my choices, but I’m picking her biggest songs, or most influential, just the ones I’ve had the most fun with. So SUCK IT. But no, she’s got such a huge back catalogue there’s so much there for people to explore, whatever they are into. I just hope she makes yet another massive comeback in the near future.

[Skip back to #40 – 31, #30 – 21, #20 – 11, #10 – 6]

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My Madonna Top 40: #10 – #6

Oh I’m a tease aren’t I? Somewhere between busy and lazy is where I am at the moment, squandering what little time I have available, making another dump of 10 songs a little too time-consuming. But I still want to get it sorted soon, I have a backlog that will only get worse when my copy of Animal Crossing: New Leaf arrives. So here’s 5 of the best, with my top 5 following probably on Friday.

[Skip to #40 – 31, #30 – 21, #20 – 11, Top 5]

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