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Road to Copenhagen 2014: The Common Linnets – “Calm after the storm” (Netherlands)

Redemption was the name of the game in 2013 for the Netherlands. After a horrific stretch of 8 years of not qualifying for the final, the Netherlands sent one of their biggest names, Anouk.

The-NetherlandsIt paid off, and even secured the first Dutch top 10 finish of the century. What a relief that was too, and surely they want to keep on qualifying. This year, I fear the odds are against them. Semi 1 is looking to be a bloodbath.

Opting for internal selection again this time, a new duo The Common Linnets was formed of popular Dutch country singer Ilse DeLange, and relative unknown Waylon. They are performing a very subtle country downtempo. Certainly a risky strategy – but Anouk at least showed you don’t necessarily need to bring the pyro and dancers in order to get noticed at Eurovision.

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