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Album: Lawson – “Chapman Square” (2012)

I love Lawson. I didn’t think I would, but then I did. It felt like the age of the boyband had ended in the mid-00s as pop music went into hibernation, but it’s a recipe that will always work if the material is good enough. Even if it’s not good enough provided the guys are hot enough (oh hi, 1D).

lawson chapman squareLawson feel to me like a bit of a throwback, like the early 00s days of BBMak. Of course that’s not a massively successful example, apart from a US hit. But there appears to be a gap in the market for a guitar-toting band of handsome modern-looking men, and Lawson are here to fill it. So far they’re doing well with three top 10 hits and a top 5 album, and I was pleased to find out that “Chapman Square” was a pretty solid album. Continue reading

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Album: Madonna – “Music” (2000)

It’s a bit weird doing these reviews now. With other artists I was mostly on new ground with their back catalogues. Even with some of the earlier Madonna albums I wasn’t completely familiar. But how do I objectively rate albums that I’ve known for nearly 10 years?

Still, I’m going to ANYWAY. I went through periods when I thought “Music” was more exciting and futuristic (and therefore better) than “Ray of Light”, but maybe I was younger then (actually I’m quite sure I was). But also I don’t want to judge it too harshly in comparison to “Ray of Light”, which is still a superb album.

Someone once summed it up well for me, noting that the grace and sophistication of “Ray of Light” threw into stark contrast the follow-up, with Madonna in a cowboy pimp costume with Ali G like some hen night. Though let’s not forget she was ripping her trousers in her “American Pie” video earlier that year.

While THAT side of it felt like unfulfilled potential, I feel Madonna is more the core of this album than in “Ray of Light”. By that I mean that she is usually the main feature of the music whereas in “Ray of Light” it was too easy for me to get distracted by the lush arrangements of William Orbit.

Oh I know what I mean … let’s just get on with this. (BTW I love the artwork) Continue reading

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