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Road to Copenhagen 2014: Suzy – “Quero Ser Tua” (Portugal)

What a gig, representing Portugal in Eurovision. As one of the veteran participants in the contest, returning after a 1-year hiatus to present their 47th entry, you’d think they’d have a bit more to show for it.

PortugalIn all that time, not only have they never won (a record), they haven’t even graced the top 5 in a final, with their last top 10 finish a distant memory. Maybe this will be their year? Yeah?

Well at least it’s a lively – after a string of pleasant but unexciting ballads and love songs, here’s some straight-up Europop, which won the overwhelming support of the Portuguese public when it won its national selection event Festival da Canção 2014.

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Lisbon calling: Portugal’s 2014 Eurovision pre-selection (Festival da Canção)

Welcome back, Portugal. They’ve only been away for a year, avoiding 2013’s contest in Malmö for financial reasons, but they are back. They have a score to settle – Portugal debuted at Eurovision 50 years ago, and so far have yet to pick up a victory.

PortugalEven worse, they’ve never even managed to get to the top 5 in all that time, and haven’t even seen the top 10 since 1996. What are they doing wrong? Perhaps their insistence on performing in Portuguese – their prerogative of course – is maybe stopping Europe enjoy the intricacies of Portuguse song-writing. Or more likely they haven’t sent many great songs in recent memory.

Sure, they’ve never been that bad, but I don’t think I’ve ever been blown away. Festival da Canção hopes to resolve that, with a semi-final thinning the herd from 10 finalists to 5, where a televote decides the final winner.

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