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Paris calling: France’s 2014 Eurovision selection

It’s been a little while since France have chosen their entry in a public selection event – 2007’s Les Fatal Picards were the last winners of a French national final, and considering they came in the bottom 5, it seems the French wanted to take matters into their own hands.

FranceFrance is a founding member of Eurovision, obvious by the usage of French as the other official language in the contest. One paper it’s a heavyweight; five wins and numerous top 3 finishes. But their last win was back in 1977, and they haven’t troubled the top 5 since 2002, often unfairly handicapped with the same poor results as the UK for the last decade, even turning 2011’s runaway favourite into a 15th place finish.

Internal selection hasn’t turned things around much, with their 2012 & 2013 entries both ending up dead last in the overall public vote. Will the public input to this final finally change that? Tentatively only three entries were picked as finalists, and a 50/50 jury/televote decided the entry taking the Tricolore in Denmark.

chansons d'abord france

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My Top 50 of 2013: The Top 10

So here we are, the last day of my countdown and time to see what my top 10 tracks of 2013 are. I must say it’s all a little surprising to see how it all panned out. I hadn’t really thought of any of the songs as outright contenders for the #1 of the year, but someone has to be there, and it’s about time I let the cat out of the bag.

Catching up? Have you seen the rest? #50 – 41, #40 – 31, #30 – 21, #20 – 11

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My Top 50 of 2013: #20 – #11

Oh we’re nearly there aren’t we? I hope people are still interested anyway. I mean it’s just my opinion, no reason why you should be interested, but it keeps my hands busy over the holidays so I’m sure it’s for the greater good.

We hit the first barrage of Eurovision entries yesterday, who knows how many are left to find? Well I do, of course, but I’m not telling.

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My Top 50 of 2013: #30 – #21

Let’s keep powering through, YEAH!!! Let’s hear some enthusiasm! Or not, whatever. So here’s the halfway mark, and to spice things up, I’m writing this quite drunk as I’ve just got back from my family Christmas party, and realised I hadn’t written it yet. Fun!

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Single: Robin Stjernberg – “Pieces” (2013)

I can’t seem to keep away from Eurovision, can I? Last week I took a look at what this year’s entrants were doing now, but Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg decided I should wait a little longer. But today he’s back with a new single, the title track from his album “Pieces” that was released earlier this just. I suppose it’s not quite a new single then is it… but it’s new to me, so whatever.

robin stjernberg piecesFor those of you even further behind than me, Robin was chosen to be the Eurovision entry for host nation Sweden when the contest came to Malmö back in May. It was an amazing show, and I was so pleased when Robin qualified for it via Sweden’s massively popular Melodifestivalen selection programme. His entry “You” was exhilarating and made great use of Robin’s incredible vocal range (and big smile). Continue reading

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