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Review: Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale (Nintendo 3DS)

Definitely worth the wait, I was using the build up to New Year’s Eve to finish some loose ends on my 3DS desktop. Pullblox, I cast you out! This delayed gratification ended up making my new eShop purchases all the sweeter, particularly kitschy Japanese RPG “Attack of the Friday Monsters! A Tokyo Tale”. I’m not sure RPG quite explains how it all works though so don’t be put off by that. Maybe an interactive Manga is closer to the mark.

attack of the friday monstersYou control a little boy, Sohta, recently moved to the idyllic Tokyo suburb of Fuji no Hana in 1970’s Japan. His light-hearted interactions with his oddball parents & neighbours set the tone for an adorably sweet investigation into a string of bizarre events in the town.

Every Friday evening, a giant monster – a Kaiju, did you see “Pacific Rim”? – appears outside the town, leaving deep footprints along the countryside. How is the local TV station involved, currently trying to make a success of their tokusatsu show (a popular genre of monsters vs heroes show)? Where does mysterious gentleman Frank fit into it? Continue reading

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