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My Madonna Top 40: #40 – 31

Regular readers will know that over recent months I have posted reviews of every single one of Madonna’s studio albums, and some tidy-up reviews of all the non-album singles and whatnot that came in-between. As is traditional, now I’ve finished another back catalogue, I’ll count down my favourite tracks and wait for the abuse to come streaming in. Enjoy!

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Album: Madonna – “Hard Candy” (2008)

Another Madonna studio album, another one with another lukewarm reaction from the fans. After the majesty of “Confessions” I can see why people would be disappointed, and I felt a little of that too.

But on the other hand you should be grateful for what it is. For me, it’s another selection of great pop music, not nearly as close to the ‘Madonna does Urban’ tagline that people feared it might be. Pharrell and Timbaland have both demonstrated in the past that they are more than capable at making decent pop music, and I think this is as good an example as any.

Of course there are some cringey moments, but she was a 50 year old woman, at some point our ideas of what is cool are going to diverge from hers. She is a much-loved icon, and despite this it seemed the fans never want to cut her some slack, or heaven forbid create some music she actually wants to make. Continue reading


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