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Turning 30 (again)

OK FINE you got me, I’m 31 today. After tragically failing to win the Pulitzer for my moving post on turning 30 last year, another year has passed. I don’t feel like I’ve really gone anywhere since the last birthday though.

is-mah-birfday-where-r-caek-dammitI mean in literal terms I have of course; I did my coach trip thing around Russia and various other bits of Eastern Europe, I stayed with my friend in Paris, I’ve just got back from a mini-break in Amsterdam, and of course I had a little trip to Malmö, Sweden for a little think called Eurovision.

But in general terms I’m pretty much where I was. Same house, same job, same socks (I need new socks). It’s time for a change, but more on that another day (once I’ve done something about it). Continue reading

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