Since Verbal Diarrhoea has been going for a while now, with several hundred posts to its name, I thought it was high time I should make things easier to find or browse. So here’s an index of all the Eurovision posts I’ve written so far. I’ll try to keep it updated as regularly as possible.

Eurovision has become a big part of this blog, so I’ve given it its own section! I’ll be going back over previous contests when I have time, and eventually covering all of the 21st century contests, and possible further back than that!

Eurovision 2014: Copenhagen

Once again I’ll be reviewing everything I can related to the contest. I might not be able to make it there myself, but that’s not going to hold me back! I’ve created an index page containing all relevant contest. This includes early news, national selection events, write-ups to all 37 entries and the usual reviews, stats & analysis from the three big shows. You can reach the page by clicking “Copenhagen 2014” in the top banner menu, or clicking here. #JoinUs!

Eurovision 2013: Malmö

For the 2013 contest in Sweden, I created a devoted index page. Here you can find write-ups to all 39 entries, reviews & analysis of the three Eurovision shows, and even write-ups of all the national selection finals (phew…). You can find the page link at the top of this page, “Malmö 2013”. Or click here.

Eurovision 2012: Baku

For the 2012 contest, I wrote posts for every entry, as well as previews, and analysis of all three Eurovision shows. I devoted an index page to the navigation of the contest, and you can find it by clicking “Baku 2012” at the top of the page, or clicking here.

Past contests

I’ve been running back through old contests when I have a free moment, and writing countdowns of the entries for each one. Expect to see more of these appearing in the near future.

Eurovision 2002: Tallinn

My Top 5
My #15 – 6
My #24 – 16

Eurovision 2003: Riga

My Top 5
My #10 – #6
My #20 – #11
My #26 – #21

Eurovision 2004: Istanbul

My top 10
My #11 – #20
My #21 – #30
My #36 – #31

Eurovision 2005: Kiev

My top 10
My #20 – #11
My #30 – #21
My #39 – #31
Aline Lahoud – Quand tout s’enfuit (Lebanon)

Eurovision 2011: Dusseldorf

My top 10
My #20 – #11
My #30 – #21
My #43 – #31

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2012 & 2013 Melodifestivalen posts are listed on the 2012 & 2013 index pages at the top of the page.

ABU Radio & TV Song Festival

Asiavision song contest? Sort of…
ABU Radio Song Festival 2012: Seoul – Preview & Finalists
ABU Radio Song Festival 2012: Seoul – And the winner is…
ABU TV Song Festival: Seoul 2012 – Watch with me!
Coming soon – ABU TV Song Festival 2013: Hanoi
ABU TV Song Festival: Hanoi 2013 – Watch with me

Junior Eurovision Song Contest

Junior Eurovision Amsterdam 2012: Anastasiya Petryk – Nebo (Ukraine)

Turkvision / Türkvizyon

Turkvision 2013 announced… but is it new?
Türkvizyon 2013: Eskişehir – And the winner is…

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