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Single: Lana del Rey – “Once upon a dream” (2014)

What? Something not about Eurovision in some capacity? Well I’ve used the E-word but that’s it. I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to write about anything else, it can’t have been that long though.

lana del rey once upon a dreamAnyway, films! Films are still a thing, and there’s a good one on the way, namely Disney’s “Maleficent”. Perhaps one of the most anticipated Disney films in a long while, it tells the story of the evil witch notorious for cursing Sleeping Beauty to fall into a coma after pricking her finger on a spinning wheel.

Don’t ask me to go deeper than that, I’ve only got sketchy memories of the original animated tale. But “Maleficent” looks at how she became that fearsome sorceress. I’m sure there’s a perfectly good explanation to it. I blame society! Well between this witch origin story and “Frozen” (basically Wicked’s songbook), I wonder if this isn’t the worst possible time to finally release a “Wicked” movie, but apparently that’s on the way now.

maleficentThe trailer looks amazing anyway, Angelina Jolie is going to turn this into real Disney Noir. To accompany it, a darker re-work of the original Disney feature’s big fairytale song was created with the go-to girl for old-fashioned noir, Lana del Rey. As soon as it starts you know it’s an inspired choice – it’s still got that dreamy lullaby quality, but with that sinister undercurrent. Beautifully arranged, it does what the film hopes to do – reclaim a beloved work and show another, less obviously beautiful side to it without ruining the original.

I’m excited for the film, I’m not sure how it will turn out but it’s certainly one of the more intriguing upcoming films of 2014.

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Single: Foxes – “Let go for tonight” (2014)

This is new? I assumed I was miles behind with the whole Foxes thing. She hasn’t even got an album out yet! I say “She”, Foxes isn’t a band as you might imagine, it’s just the one girl. Not sure I approve of the name but whatever. She’s got this new single out next week

foxes let go for tonightShe’s had one single out already, “Youth” back in September. Not sure I like that though, or not as much as this. Taking time out from making sentences about them sounding gramatically incorrect, Foxes sounds like a sort of mid-point between various worthy female artists of the moment: Florence, Adele, a bit of Paloma maybe, dare I say Duffy, without the conscious effort to sound like something from the past. Continue reading

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Single: Idina Menzel – “Let it go” (2013)

Yeah, I know I reviewed “Frozen” back in December when I first saw it, but its soundtrack seems to have taken on a life of its own, now that the film has surpassed all expectations at the box office.

FrozenAt the moment, it’s closing in on a billion dollars, which would make it the highest-grossing animated non-sequel of all time, overtaking “The Lion King“. I don’t expect it to overtake the current animated record set by Toy Story 3, but who knows.

After all, it’s about to get some promo at the Academy Awards in two weeks, where it is nominated for Best Animated Feature, and Best Original Song, with Idina Menzel performing on the night. The soundtrack CD has been on top of the American Billboard charts for some time too. I hope it wins, as it’s a superb song. Continue reading

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Single: Shakira & Rihanna – “Can’t remember to forget you” (2014)

Shakira! You remember Shakira, right? I suppose it’s been a while. When was “She Wolf”? 2009 apparently, fancy that. I know she’s produced plenty of Spanish albums, but since her UK debut back in 2002, her upcoming self-titled album is only her fourth English-language release. Could that impact on her hopes for a big comeback? Well, I wouldn’t ask Nelly Furtado…

shakira rihanna can't remember to forget youSo let’s rope in some star power. Arguably Rihanna is the biggest star of the last few years (I said arguably, give me a break), so it makes sense to hitch a wagon if you’re after big exposure. I didn’t mean exposure literally, but there’s plenty of that going on here too.

Shakira’s no stranger to the superstar duet of course, featuring with Beyonce on “Beautiful Liar” back in 2007. I think that was for Beyonce’s “B’Day” re-release but it’s clear who’s running the show on this new single. Continue reading

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Single: & friends – “Feelin Myself” (2014)

Too many collaborators to list in a title… teams up with viral queen (in every sense of the word) Miley Cyrus, as well as Wiz Khalifa and French Montana whoever they are. This is the latest chapter in a ‘troubled’ album campaign for will’s fourth solo album “#willpower”, his second since the Black Eyed Peas made it big.

will i am feelin myselfWhen DID this campaign start? His 2012 hit “This is love” is on there, as is his only genuine smash hit “Scream and Shout”. This album has been out for nearly a year now and it’s not going well. With his existing hits (including Bieber collab “#thatPOWER” that never really took off) already losing their shine, the album peaked high and dipped fast. Continue reading

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