Looking backwards and forwards

I’ve given up apologising for my lack of blog posts. Even my sort-of comeback post is apparently 5 months old now, oops. Well, I knew this would happen sooner or later – admittedly I should have expected how much of a drop-off it was going to be, but here we are.

janusHappy New Year! No promises about the blog this year, but I’ll write something if I think about it.

What I DON’T want is for this to turn into an outlet for all the negative feelings I get. I don’t think that would help me, and I don’t think anyone would be interested in reading it.

Oh but it’s 2015 now right? I should have a look at last year’s resolutions and see how I got on. I scaled back to 5 instead of the usual 10 too … let’s see if that was more realistic:

  1. For crying out loud, get in shape you lazy fuck. – Mmmhmm… well I lost 4kg but my diet is terrible and my muffin top isn’t going anywhere. But don’t worry – I have a plan for 2015!
  2. Finish those damned Final Fantasy games. Yeah this still didn’t happen.
  3. Clean your crap out of your parents’ loft. Oops…
  4. See some great stuff, take a lot of pictures. Now THIS! This I did.
  5. Blog as well as you can. That’s a rather nebulous goal isn’t it? Well I did manage to finish the Eurovision 2014 commentary, and I will have a trimmed-down version for this year I think. No more national finals…

Well, I wasn’t expecting to miss so many of my goals so decisively. Never mind.


  1. Pass the JLPT N4 exam – that’s the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. It has 5 levels, N4 is the second-lowest. I’ve got until June or July before the next attempt, so that should hopefully be enough time. I have nearly finished my review textbook, almost ready to start on the newer stuff!
  2. Lose 10kg – That feels feasible for the first time in a while too. My diet isn’t great, but I’m getting a lot more everyday exercise than in the UK – I walk a LOT more, I stand most of the day when I’m teaching (rather than sitting at a computer). I’m planning to join a gym in the next few weeks too, and I even have a great gym buddy. THIS CAN HAPPEN!
  3. Take the TOEIC test (and hopefully get 100%) – A bit of a weird one, TOEIC is an English test for non-natives, but natives can take it. Since I’m teaching students these days, I feel like I should take it – no matter what people say – to kind of validate my grammar knowledge. I probably wouldn’t have done this, but looking at the test, I’m sure plenty of native speakers couldn’t get 100%, and that makes it worth taking.

Right, three is all you are getting. I don’t need to incentivise my leisure time, like I have done in the past. I should just try to enjoy myself more. Maybe that’s the most important goal, though I think it would be wrong to make it a resolution.

Anyway. I will try to check in a bit more often. Writing is a bit of an outlet for me, but so far it’s been more about reviews and things – I think that’s the sticking point though; I’ve hardly listened to any new music, and only a handful of movies too. My disconnection from music is something I’ve been meaning to fix, so watch this space. I think my days of regular track-by-track reviews are numbered though.

OK, enough from me, take care and see you soon. x


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2 responses to “Looking backwards and forwards

  1. alans

    Any chance for you to do another ‘Diddy does…’ series on Moopy? Just came across them via Google and read every single one!

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