2,633 & 1,627 days later

Finally I’m going to get around to writing something on this old blog. For those of you just joining us, I recently moved to Japan, and reached some sort of blog-writing event horizon at the climax to Eurovision 2014, and just didn’t have any motivation to write any more. I don’t think I’ll ever quite get back to how it used to be, but I might as well make the effort to keep this going – even if it is just caretaking until the view-counter ticks over 200,000 from sheer weight of people searching for Eurovision nipples.

dusty archives

Plagiarism seems like a good way to go – I’ve recently unearthed two of those internet questionnaires people always used to do by email. I posted the first one in May 2007 on my Facebook account, and the other in February 2010 on a Tumblr account I was using to flirt with the idea of blogs (it died soon after). Let’s take a look at what I said.

2,633 days ago

What are you wearing right now?
Black jeans, ribbed grey long-sleeved top. I look rather morose, now I think about it.

NOW- Yeah, I wore a lot of dowdy clothes, that never changed. Right now I’m slobbing around in an XL t-shirt I got for a present, about 3 sizes too big but it’s comfy. And some pants with anchors on them.

What is your current problem?

NOW- The more things change, the more they stay the same, eh? I’m not doing as badly these days though.

What makes you happy most?
One-to-one conversations, usually talking complete rubbish

NOW- Yeah pretty much. Cat videos too, and Eurovision.

What’s the name of the song that you’re listening to?
All you want by Dido (live version kicks ass)

NOW- Dido, edgy! As luck would have it, I’m listening to a song from the same year: Rock the Boat by Aaliyah

Any celeb you would marry?
Probably any of them within reason.

NOW- Being cagey for Facebook eh? Zac Efron would get it. Or if it had to be a woman, Kristen Bell.

Ever sang in front of a large audience?
Two .. I NEARLY did in America but I didn’t know the songs. That’s a shit excuse because I’m sure there were a few, but I guess I wasn’t drunk enough.

NOW- Oh I’ve done it now! A few weeks ago, there were 4 others for a full-on karaoke marathon. LOVE IT.

Has anyone ever said you looked like a celebrity?
My housemate said I looked like David Tennant (Dr Who) but I can’t see it. Maybe if I lose a stone or two

NOW- A Japanese student said I looked like a Harry Potter teacher a few weeks ago. Hmmph.

Do you still watch kiddy movies or kiddie TV shows?

NOW- I guess a fair bit still, but I also watch proper serious adult TV with subtitles etc. Get me.

Do you speak any languages?
English, and if I’m forced to, American. I’m well qualified in French but can’t remember any. And I learnt a bit of Japanese. HAJIMEMASHITE

NOW- I can’t imagine how much I knew then, but after 6 years of evening classes I might concede Japanese is my second language. And it turns out I AM being forced to talk American for work now.

What’s something that really annoys you?
Being totally useless and not being able to trust certain people that I SHOULD be able to.

NOW- I guess that never changes. I think just timewasters, and the fact that I can’t find love despite finally realising I’m pretty bloody GOOD.

1,627 days ago

Currently listening to: I put on iTunes especially to answer this. Randomly selected is…… *it’s just loading*….. Talk about our love by Brandy & Kanye West

NOW- Very urban. Now by chance it’s Utada Hikaru’s “You make me want to be a man”. Japanesey.

Favorite band: I hate picking favourites, but at the risk of coming over all cliche, if I had to rescue a music act from a burning building containing everyone (the HUMANITY) it would be old Madonna with her nan hands.

NOW- Yeah, pretty much. But since then I’ve discovered the joys of Kate Bush, ABBA, Perfume and even old Torn Anus (Tori Amos)

Future career: Oh god I wish I knew. I am flirting with the idea of teaching English in Japan but I’m too SCARED right now.

NOW- Ha!! Well I was still scared, but here I am, teaching English in Japan. I’m scared now because I have no plan B.

Plans for summer: None really, but it’s being bookended with my first ever Eurovision in May and a possible excursion to the South of France on the cheap in August-ish. That’s summer though I suppose, so THAT.

NOW- That holiday was amazing. Summer seems to last about 18 months here. I have my summer vacation next week, hoping to go to Fukuoka, and then day tripping with my friend who is visiting. I’ve made lists!

Most embarrassing moment: My whole life to this point is an embarassing work in progress.

NOW- Cagey… I guess joint-first is all the time I’ve pig-snorted when I’ve laughed. Mortified.

How are you feeling?: I’m chilly as my computer desk is currently right by a massive heat-sucking window. Once my router has been on for 10 days like they said I can move it around. Also I can start looking at porn without people seeing in from outside. Also feeling obliged to go to a special screening of a movie because the lady on the phone seemed so excited that someone had asked for tickets.

NOW- That flat was lovely… I’m clammy now though, it’s been about 30 degrees and humid as hell for about 2 months (day AND night). I’m a little worn out physically and emotionally but I’m having a slob day so everyone else can go to hell right now.

What are your plans for tomorrow? Work, gym (tbc), food and then go to my sister’s house for my nephew’s birthday thing.

NOW- I have a day off, I might see a movie (if I don’t tonight), perhaps some shopping.

What’s your favourite saying/lyric/line?: I don’t think I am emo enough to have one, I’m sure there is a shortlist, I’ll get back to you.

NOW- I’m so fickle. But “Let it go” has turned into a surprisingly versatile mantra.

Anything else? I currently have a twitch in my left eye and I’m trying to work out what’s causing it. Are they just random, or – the more romantic option – is there some hidden psychological reason? Hopefully not.

NOW- I still get those twitches sometimes.


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4 responses to “2,633 & 1,627 days later

  1. Rustie Lee

    Where you gone?

    • Interesting name choice, do I know you from somewhere else? haha …

      I’m not dead or anything, just sort of lost my mojo for blogging when I moved to Japan. A combination of lack of time, the blog taking up way too much time, and a bit of an artistic block. I thought I was mostly writing reviews to myself (and random web traffic looking for porn). I don’t know … I liked blogging but maybe I need a new approach.

      What do you think?
      Thanks for the message by the way, it was unexpected!!

      David x

  2. Rustie Lee

    Do you have enough sodium in your diet? If you ate more salt, it could give you the energy to write more blog posts.

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