Eurovision 2014: Grand Final preview & running order

Right, this is it! Eurovision week has raced past, and both semi-finals have taken place. You can read my reviews of Semi 1 & Semi 2 if you like! But let’s look forward for tomorrow’s Grand Final.

25 countries have fought (or bought) their way to the grand final, defeating 12 other nations for the chance of Eurovision victory. But only one can be victorious, and bring the contest back to their home country for 2015 (unless it’s currently being annexed).  Who will it be?

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Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Logo Header

Right, so shortly after Semi-final 2 concluded, Danish host broadcaster DR set to work to design the best show they could manage. Now, clearly some of the performing slots are more desirable than others, so there have been random draws to decide which half of the show each song will perform in. From there, DR decides the ‘best’ running order to ensure a good-flowing show.

Good luck doing that without the usual fan backlash – though to be honest it’s hard to do anything without fan backlash. But not me though, I just hope that the best song will win, and that the show is a great one. But get me, the idealist!

So here’s the running order:
Ukraine 1. Mariya Yaremchuk – Tick-Tock (Ukraine)
Belarus 2. Teo – Cheesecake (Belarus)
Azerbaijan 3. Dilara Kazimova – Start a Fire (Azerbaijan)
Iceland 4. Pollapönk – No Prejudice (Iceland)
Norway 5. Carl Espen – Silent Storm (Norway)
Romania 6. Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle (Romania)
Armenia 7. Aram Mp3 – Not Alone (Armenia)
Montenegro 8. Sergej Ćetković – Moj svijet (Montenegro)
Poland 9. Donatan & Cleo – My Słowianie (Poland)
Greece 10. Freaky Fortune ft Riskykidd – Rise Up (Greece)
Austria 11. Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria)
Germany 12. Elaiza – Is It Right (Germany)
Sweden 13. Sanna Nielsen – Undo (Sweden)
France 14. Twin Twin – Moustache (France)
Russia 15. Tolmachevy Sisters – Shine (Russia)
Italy 16. Emma – La mia città (Italy)
Slovenia 17. Tinkara Kovač – Round and Round (Slovenia)
Finland 18. Softengine – Something Better (Finland)
Spain 19. Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing in the Rain (Spain)
Switzerland 20. Sebalter – Hunter of Stars (Switzerland)
Hungary 21. András Kállay-Saunders – Running (Hungary)
Malta 22. Firelight – Coming Home (Malta)
Denmark 23. Basim – Cliche Love Song (Denmark)
Netherlands 24. The Common Linnets – Calm After the Storm (Netherlands)
San 25. Valentina Monetta – Maybe (San Marino)
United 26. Molly – Children of the Universe (United Kingdom)

Place your bets

molly smitten downes ukWell, if the bookies are anything to go by – and I’m not 100% sure they are – then the current favourites are Sweden, Armenia & United Kingdom. Yes, you read that correctly – the UK are picking up some major momentum, but they are definitely an unknown quantity as far as the public goes. Having never performed in a semi-final, Molly could sink or swim on Saturday, but with the closing slot I think she has a great chance.

sanna nielsenSweden may well have won Tuesday’s semi-final, and they have a great slot – supposedly just after a commercial break. There’s a strong chance the contest might make a return trip over the Øresund next year. Armenia isn’t an obvious winner if you ask me, but something’s got people excited. I suspect the 7th performing slot isn’t going to do Aram any favours though.

Dark horses

The bookies don’t know everything – in 2011 there were three clear favourites at various stages: The UK (11th), France (15th) and Estonia (24th). So in a close year, surprises can happen, and I feel like 2014 will be one of those years. So who else could sneak in?

conchita wurst austriaAustria tore the roof off as Conchita Wurst became the biggest name in the arena in the second semi-final, and I have a sneaking feeling may have run away with the victory. Could the conservative parts of Europe be won over by this bearded lady?

Speculating that The Netherlands might win the contest seems insane, let alone with a country song – usually voting poison. But there’s something about this one, an intimate song about the end of a relationship. They’ve got a great spot too, after such a terrible decade, could they go all the way?

the common linnets netherlandsNo nation has won on home turf since Ireland back in their early 90s golden age – though Denmark came very close the last time they hosted in 2000. While history can’t repeat with an Estonian win now, Denmark’s shameless Bruno Mars ‘homage’ could well pick up some big points with its late slot.

It seems bonkers but I wouldn’t write off Malta either – they have a good slot, and a wide-reaching appeal. Could they do the double, winning Eurovision and Junior Eurovision at the same time? It would be pretty amazing if they did!

The usual suspects

Well, this speculation would be nothing if it didn’t mention the usual big players. Oddly though, this year it feels none of them are particularly in contention for the win.

Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd greeceGreece I think are likely going to make a big splash, and possibly have their strongest finish for a long while. The win could be in their grasp but I don’t quite see it. Goodness knows they barely managed to enter, let alone host the thing!

Romania are hungry for a win – as I’ve said a lot, they have a 100% qualification record but they are only ones not to claim a victory yet. While I’d love Paula & Ovi’s shameless attempt to make it, I don’t think it’ll quite do the business. A shame really, 3rd place is a very high benchmark to surpass.

dilara kazimova azerbaijanAzerbaijan have a 100% record of finishing top 10, but I think if they’ll ever miss it, it’ll be this year. Russia also are in hot water of this Ukraine business, and while I wish politics didn’t come into this, it might take the edge off their chances. Ukraine on the other hand still have a decent shot, but opening the show is real mixed blessing.


Well, to be totally honest I have NO idea how this is going to pan out – but for shits and giggles, let’s see:

WIN – United Kingdom

Top 5 – Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Austria

Top 10 – Malta, Armenia, Russia, Hungary, Ukraine

Bottom 5 – Germany, Finland, Montenegro, Iceland, Belarus

So… let’s see!! Enjoy the show guys, I’ll be watching from Osaka at 4am local time, see you at the after party!


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  1. Mike

    As always, great preview!

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