Eurovision 2014: Semi-Final 2 preview

Well, after a night of thrills and spills in the first semi-final, 10 new qualifiers joined Denmark and the Big Five in Saturday’s final. There are 10 spots left, but 15 nations are keen to snatch one of those tickets. Who is going to make it?

I’ve been saying for ages that semi-final 2 is perhaps a little easier for some surprise qualifiers, but after Tuesday’s curveballs of both San Marino and Montenegro qualifying for the first time ever, who knows what’s going to happen? Maybe a semi-final lacking so many obvious qualifiers is going to stir things up quite a bit!

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Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Logo HeaderSo, let’s look at who’s in the running for Thursday’s semi-final:
Malta 1. Firelight – Coming Home (Malta)
Israel 2. Mei Finegold – Same Heart (Israel)
Norway 3. Carl Espen – Silent Storm (Norway)
Georgia 4. The Shin and Mariko – Three Minutes to Earth (Georgia)
Poland 5. Donatan & Cleo – My Słowianie (Poland)
Austria 6. Conchita Wurst – Rise Like a Phoenix (Austria)
Lithuania 7. Vilija Matačiūnaitė – Attention (Lithuania)
Finland 8. Softengine – Something Better (Finland)
Ireland 9. Can-Linn ft Kasey Smith – Heartbeat (Ireland)
Belarus 10. Teo – Cheesecake (Belarus)
FYR 11. Tijana – To the Sky (FYR Macedonia)
Switzerland 12. Sebalter – Hunter of Stars (Switzerland)
Greece 13. Freaky Fortune ft Riskykidd – Rise Up (Greece)
Slovenia 14. Tinkara Kovač – Round and Round (Slovenia)
Romania 15. Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle (Romania)

So, two-thirds of these will make it through – I suppose I’d better make some predictions!

Dead certs

Two nations in this semi-final are defending 100% qualification records, and I don’t see any reason why they won’t make it again.

Freaky Fortune feat. Riskykidd greeceGreece is the first, despite only narrowly making it to the party this year, with their national broadcaster being suddenly shut down by the Greek government. They had a formidable run of top 10 finishes this decade, and are back with a crowd-pleasing party banger. I’d be amazed to see these miss out.

paula seling & ovi romaniaThe other big one is Romania, this time starring returning artists Paula Seling & Ovi who came third in the 2010 Oslo contest. Could they make it further? I’m not quite sure, but “Miracle” is amazing and closes the show – they’re the only ones in the 100% club who have never won – could they snatch a surprise victory?

Norway are another big favourite with the bleak “Silent Storm”, and are looking to continue the Nordic bonanza after Sweden and Iceland made it through the previous semi. I can’t see why not.

Good chance

FIRELIGHT maltaAfter the biggies are out of the way, I’m a little clueless about what else could make it through. I don’t think there are any bad songs here, and many of them have pretty shaky qualification records. But some of them have to make it through!

Malta with their WWI-inspired ode to home is being a little underrated by the bookies, but I think they could easily make it a third year straight of qualifiers.

Mei Finegold israelComing off a surprise DNQ result in Malmö, I would be appalled if Israel don’t make it through. Mei Finegold looks like an incredible performer with some amazing vocals. I LOVE this, I hope she’s going to strut right through, even if she does have the slot of death.

Austria’s bearded lady Conchita Wurst may be controversial to some countries but she’s going to sing the shit out of that song, I’m sure she’ll be amazing. On the other end of the scale is the nonetheless charming Switzerland who I really think deserve to turn around their shitty luck at the semi-finals this year.

Your guess is as good as mine

tijana fyr macedoniaI honestly have no idea what’s going on here – none of these bunch have good qualification records, but some of them must get through! Of those most likely to sneak victory based on their reputations, Lithuania, FYR Macedonia & Finland might squeeze through.

But don’t write off Eurovision legends Ireland, nor the amazing returning Poland. Belarus could sneak through with their misunderstood “Cheesecake”. Limping along, nearly missing the 2014 contest are Slovenia, with a great song but a pretty rubbish qualifying record. Fingers crossed there for them!

And erm…

Out of all 15 entries, the only one I’m convinced can’t get through is Georgia. Famous last words! I love them generally, but “3 minutes to Earth” is just a bit too free-form and twirly I think. But who knows.

In summary

Right, I’ve got to make some predictions, right? I got 8/10 of the first bunch, but I have nowhere near as much confidence here!

In: Malta, Israel, Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Greece, Romania, Poland, FYR Macedonia, Finalnd

Out: Georgia, Belarus, Ireland, Lithuania, Slovenia

What do you reckon?

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