Road to Copenhagen 2014: Sergej Ćetković – “Moj svijet” (Montenegro)

With only one more entry to review for this year’s contest, let’s first finish off Semi-final 1 with a small Balkan nation that’s still waiting for its big breakthrough.

MontenegroMontenegro first debuted at Eurovision back in 2005, when the union of Serbia & Montenegro finished allowing both nations to enter independently. While Montenegrin boyband No Name finished 7th as part of Serbia & Montenegro, Montenegro’s solo efforts haven’t faired anywhere near as well as Serbia’s.

While Serbia notched up several big hits including a victory in 2007, Montenegro have yet to qualify for a final, after six attempts. Admittedly some of those attempts haven’t exactly been mainstream, but still there is a lot of hope that – along with fellow non-qualifiers San Marino – this might finally be their year.

Sergej Ćetković montenegroSergej Ćetković was internally selected by the Montenegrin broadcaster to represent Montenegro in Copenhagen, and is an established singer in the region. However, I’m a little sceptical about how much that is going to help this year. Normally of course that would be a good thing, but several of the ex-Yugoslav republics have pulled out of the contest this year. Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina are all absent, something that certainly won’t help.

“Moj svijet” is also one of the few foreign-language songs in the mix this year. Still, it tries to give a good feel of Montenegro – that video is incredible, such beautiful scenery. The song itself is a little old-fashioned but it’s still really nice. But there are going to be casualties in Semi-final 1, and I’m afraid I think this will be one of the first in the firing line. A shame, of course, and the last thing we want is another Balkan nation pulling out, so I hope he does well.

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