Road to Copenhagen 2014: Twin Twin – “Moustache” (France)

Last of the Big Five now, and WHAT a song. But could it be another Big Five victory – only the second one this century?

FranceFor France, it will have been a victory long-awaited. You have to rewind back to 1977 for their last win, and back to 2002 to find their last top 5 finish. Once thing I have always loved about them though, is that despite the last decade being full of disappointing results (including half of them finishing in the bottom 5), they have always brought something interesting to the show. There is no “typical” French entry. For this reason, I think they deserve more to show for their position as a founder member of the contest.

After some unsuccessful attempts at internal selection (including a cruelly underrated Anggun), a national final was set up, with three acts competing to fly the Tricolore in Copenhagen. Fortunately Twin Twin’s song is likely to turn a few heads – and crucially I think it might even catch the eye of the public vote, something that eluded the last few entries. Let’s just hope they don’t get shafted by the juries instead.

twin twin franceIf I was going to make a lazy comparison (and I’m likely to do that), you might imagine a French LMFAO. But different to LMFAO, I really like this! It’s an energetic bit of squelchy electro-pop with an infectious hook and some cute guys in search of a moustache.

They don’t seem to have one anywhere, they’ve shown a fair amount of their bodies already! I love French too, and it’ll certainly stand out as one of the few foreign-language entries in the final. To be honest, I’d welcome a French victory as much as a British one – and given the recent history of both the countries in the contest I won’t hold my breath. But ooh… that would be good.

Bonne chance, boys!

For reviews of ALL the competing entries in the 2014 contest, as well as coverage of all the national finals and all sorts of other news, please visit my Copenhagen 2014 Hub by clicking the link, or the “Copenhagen 2014” menu on the top banner, or the “#Joinus” crystal on the left-hand bar.

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