Auto pilot

How exciting, I’m on the road as I write this, first time since Malmö I think! Well not on the road, I’m sitting in an airport squandering my last free minutes of wifi in Dubai airport.

It’s not too bad, very modern and huge but it’s just all shops innit? Anyway just a note to say I haven’t died yet, and I’m halfway to Japan. The blog will tick over eerily as it deposits Eurovision reviews on the internet which I wrote over the last few weeks. Hopefully I can do the rest soon, think there is a week in the bank.

Anyway I’m sort of freaking out about it all, and I’m prone to watery eyes any time I hear from my family and friends, or see someone else with family and friends in movies etc. hopefully that will pass and this isn’t a huge mistake.

I’ve got another 3 hours to while away, no wifi either. Can’t they give it away free? (Score one for Estonia airport).

Anyway later x


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