Road to Copenhagen 2014: Conchita Wurst – “Rise Like A Phoenix” (Austria)

Well well well, as one of the first artists to be announced for Copenhagen, Conchita was one of the last to reveal her song for Eurovision. Internally selected by the Austrian broadcaster, drag queen Conchita, with her trademark bearded lady look has attempted to represent Austria in its selection events before, but now is her year.

AustriaIt’s always rubbed up ultra-conservative Belarus & Russia up the wrong way, even starting petitions to get Conchita removed from the contest. I can’t say I’m really getting anything from the beard, but the song itself is as strong and dramatic as the most overblown Shirley Bassey epic.

Rousing orchestral swells, a huge voice to match, Conchita expertly navigates through what I was loathe to describe as a “James Bond-esque” song about, well you can imagine, overcoming adversity and coming out stronger. It’s a strong statement song, and finishes with a magnificent key change.

conchita wurst austriaTotally over the top, reveling in the spectacle of the performance. Semi 2 is a slightly easier hurdle to overcome, and Austria will want to avoid a third year of not qualifying. If anything’s going to manage it though, it’s this song.

It’s not as though cross-dressing hasn’t been tried and tested at Eurovision before. While Dana International flew the flag for transexuals, Verka Serduchka almost won the 2007 contest for Ukraine. Maybe Eastern Europe isn’t as uptight as Russia & Belarus would have us believe then.

For reviews of ALL the competing entries in the 2014 contest, as well as coverage of all the national finals and all sorts of other news, please visit my Copenhagen 2014 Hub by clicking the link, or the “Copenhagen 2014” menu on the top banner, or the “#Joinus” crystal on the left-hand bar.

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