Road to Copenhagen 2014: Valentina Monetta – “Maybe” (San Marino)

We’ve got a lot to get through, in 42 days, the first semi-final of Eurovision 2014 will take place in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. 37 songs from 37 nations will be determined to take home glory by winning Eurovision and hosting the 2015 show. I suspect the outcome is wide open this year, so maybe anyone could win. Maybe…

San-MarinoBut having written about all 25 national selection shows (click “Copenhagen 2014” at the top, or click the diamond on the left menu to find links), it’s about time to start my third year of reviews of each entry in the run-up to the contest. This is made slightly more troublesome by the fact that in the same period I have to move house, emigrate and get my internet sorted at the other end. Hopefully I will overcome! But to get me started on the road to Copenhagen, let’s look at Eurovision’s smallest nation with the most recent debut and everything to prove.

San Marino, the perennial fan faves of the contest since Valetina Monetta took up the mantle for her country’s fortunes in Eurovision back in 2012. The bizarre “Social Network Song” didn’t do well in Baku, but Valentina returned in Malmö with a transformation nothing short of miraculous with “Crisalide“. Unfortunately neither song qualified, along with San Marino’s two other entries, so just qualifying this year would be great.

san marino valentinaValentina’s hoping third time’s the charm. I was so sure San Marino would make a splash in Malmö, but “Maybe” takes a more conservative turn, no dance breakdowns this time. I might be totally biased but I love it, and I love her. It’s got such a big, sweeping sound – strings, piano, it’s not a sad song, it’s full of hope and wishful thinking.

Valentina has an uphill struggle to qualify, Semi-final 1 has a lot of big hitters with great qualification records, but I feel that 2014 has the potential for some real surprises to the accepted wisdom of who ‘will’ qualify. Good luck Valentina, I’m with you all the way.

For reviews of ALL the competing entries in the 2014 contest, as well as coverage of all the national finals and all sorts of other news, please visit my Copenhagen 2014 Hub by clicking the link, or the “Copenhagen 2014” menu on the top banner, or the “#Joinus” crystal on the left-hand bar.


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