The end is in sight! Thanks for your patience

If you aren’t into Eurovision, you’d be forgiven for thinking this blog has sucked for the last month or so. I might take some satisfaction there in the implication that it doesn’t always suck, but that’s just me.

asleep on keyboardYes, National Final season is very nearly over – the last of them is tomorrow (Sunday), and by Wednesday I should have written them all up. OK sure it’s not that long until my next onslaught – i.e. writing up each of the entries – but they don’t take so long to write, and I hope to have content to write alongside it, so you aren’t totally starved.

Thanks for your patience if you are a non-Eurovision lover. If you are a Eurovision lover, then please read the damn stuff – I’ve tried to make it easy enough to read, and littered them with YouTube links too. Would be nice to see it being read at least!

I know Eurovision sort of takes over this blog, mostly in this part of the year. But it’s seasonal and it’ll be all over in less than 2 months. I’m clinging onto this bit of stability though; in two months my life will be nearly unrecognisable, and this blog might be the only constant. In any case, this is where most of my traffic comes from, so you have to give the public what they want … expect a “Hotties of Copenhagen” post imminently, you don’t need to be a fan to appreciate that.

car breakdownOtherwise, what else is going on? I’m working today – I say working, I’m invigilating an exam, only two students and basically nothing for me to do for about 4 hours. The virtual desktop for work wasn’t working, so I’ve been writing the opening bits of the last five national final reviews. Where has the time gone? I might try and do an album review tomorrow I reckon.

Life-wise, I’m getting a bit stressy with the impending move, burying my head in the sand a bit. I have my visa, I suppose there’s not much left to do apart from move back in with my parents for as short a period as I can manage. It’s not them really, I guess I want to delay the upheaval as long as I can.

I gave up on Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns for now, and lent it to my friend while I’m away because he couldn’t justify the cost. It just stressed me out too much, and that’s one thing I really don’t need right now! Stupid that a leisure activity like that would stress me out – partly the reason I got it out of my life for now.

Looks like my car might be out of action permanently – a real pain, but I guess I’ve only got 2 1/2 weeks left, so there are worse times for it to happen. Blurg.

Anyway, I promise to try harder and post some non-Eurovision stuff very soon. xoxo


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