Copenhagen calling: Denmark’s 2014 Eurovision selection (DMGP)

All this excitement about Copenhagen this year, and it’s almost with a bit of an afterthought that Eurovision’s 2014 hosts have selected their entry. An afterthought to me anyway, though you never know if they’ll want to win again. It’s been 20 years since the host last won Eurovision, as part of Ireland’s hat-trick of wins in the early 90s. Others have come close though, Azerbaijan came 4th in Baku, and before that Denmark themselves came 2nd in Copenhagen. Could history repeat itself, or could they even go one better?

DenmarkDansk Melodi Grand Prix is here to find out, with one of the last big selection shows of the selection season. Never quite as amazing as its neighbour Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, but it’s had a few great entries recently. Ten songs were selected to compete in Odense, with a 50/50 SMS & jury vote choosing the top 3, and again to pick the ultimate winner.

But could this be a winner? Do Denmark even want to keep Eurovision for another year? Will that even make a difference? Let’s see.

denmark 2014 dansk melodi grand prix dmgp

Bryan Rice – I Choose U

bryan rice denmarkI hate when audiences clap along mindlessly, how is that improving things? Is this the new Pokemon theme tune? Sounds like it. This doesn’t seem to be the type of song to dress in smart-casual for. Those trousers are leaving him breathless. I guess it was supposed to be like a Danny Saucedo track or something, but it’s more like Josh Dubovie singing something actually modern-day. It’s fine for what it is, and that money note is a decent climax. I just feel like I’m shrugging a bit here.

SONNY – Feeling the You

Oh here we go, another Timberlake-voiced smooth mover doing a disco throwback. Is this a Kylie track? It comes dangerously close I think. Aside of breaking ground in bad grammar, it’s quite unoriginal. Hard to imagine this is from the current winning country. Blah!

Danni Elmo – She’s the One

danni elmo denmarkI’m evidently in a judgemental mood today, I took a bit of an instant disdain for this one. Maybe it’s the earnest intro and arm tattoos. It’s not that bad, despite moments that sound eerily similar to Armin van Buuren’s “This is what it feels like”. Hate his hair but the choruses are pretty good. Having sat through a lot of these national finals, the Danes have just given me three uptempo falsetto-vocalled dance pop tracks, why aren’t I happier? That last bit is solid though, even if the song as a whole doesn’t do it for me.

Emilie Moldow – Vi finder hjem

Mm this is more like it, a dramatic beat, a nice young lady singing a midtempo ballad with a wind machine. Not so sure about the robot dancers. She’s just focusing on the voice, and it’s paying off, even if she’s not exactly exuding personality. Yeah, this is decent, just not a winner.

GlamboyP – Right By Your Side

glamboyp denmarkWTF? That dude’s wig is terrible, is this Ja’ime King? Must be diversity week at DMGP. He’s very distracting with those moves, like a gay teen miming along to pop songs in his bedroom. What is that jacket?! Fortunately this distracts from the song being totally nondescript. That dance breakdown! What the hell is this?!

Nadia Malm – Before You Forget Me

Back to normality now at least, with a gentle ballad on the piano. I like her voice, she reminds me of Leona Lewis. Oh but Denmark seem to be enforcing a generic dance beat on every song this year. It survives the transition well though, and her vocals don’t get drowned out in the action. If anything it’s a bit too heartfelt to be basic enough for a killer hook. I like it, but not something I imagine Europe singing along to after hearing half of it.

Anna David – It Hurts

anna david denmarkThis song has seven writers. Listen to that chorus and see if you can imagine how it took seven people to write that! Dancers aren’t up to much, just stuck in their jumpers, leaving Anna to do her best X-Factor performance. It’s a decent song, she’s a good singer, it’s just… I feel like I’ve heard this sort of song to death in the last 10 years of the pop/RnB charts. Nothing wrong with it, but hard for me to get excited by it.

Rebekka Thornbech – Your Lies

The first of three songs that got to the superfinal – up to know I didn’t know which order the last 7 came in. Having disposed of all the Eurodance songs, we’ve got a bit of country in the top 3. This is quite lovely, is Rebekka only solo? Who are her doppelgangers? It’s sort of a Glee version of country; energy, harmonies and the odd harmonica. Easily the most likeable and engaging performer so far, really nice stuff.

Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez – Wanna Be Loved

Joint second place for… another slice of Eurodance. Good rhyming there, “waking” with “Copenhagen”. Who is Michael, the sax guy? Very fun for Europe, didn’t they learn anything from Cascada last year? This is like Cascada doing Mr Saxobeat. Not altogether a bad thing, and Natascha seems to be a stronger live singer than Natalie from Cascada. A bit of a cheap thrill, but I can see the appeal.

Basim – Cliché Love Song

basim copenhagenWell here we are, the guy to defend Danish pride on home soil. Is that Bruno Mars? This title is giving me pause, very ‘meta’. A cliche love song that openly admits it. The verses aren’t doing much for me, his voice is very nasal isn’t it? But whatever, there’s a “scooby-dab-dab-dibby-da” singalong chorus, perfect for the turnip farmers and drunks of Europe to get on board with. I guess it’s a well-used tactic, and I DID remember it before the song was over. I’m not sure it’ll be in contention for the win, but it’s catchy enough not to go away empty-handed.

Weirdly  I never have high expectations for Denmark. They’ve come out with some great entries, but some real horrors too. I only thought Emmelie would win last year because everyone had been shouting that she would since about February. I don’t think Basim’s going to do the double this year, but I’ve heard worse. Kind of wish they’d just sent Emmelie again with “Rainmaker” though.



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