Jerusalem calling: Israel’s 2014 Eurovision selection (Kdam)

Celebrating 40 years in Eurovision, Israel started well, even picking up back-to-back wins in the late 70s. They arguably ushered in the modern era of Eurovision when Dana International won in 1998, but since then things haven’t come quite so easily.

IsraelThe 21st century has seen a patchy qualification record with the occasional top 10 finish, but the last three years have seen Israel miss the final. Mei Finegold was chosen internally to bring hope back to the controversial Eastern state, with a public vote in selection event Kdam deciding which of three songs will go to Copenhagen.

It will be an uphill struggle, but Mei seems to be a popular artist, and I do love a bit of Hebrew. Weirdly there were no live performances of these, music videos were filmed for all three songs. Extravagant!

Be proud – What? That intro is just a ripoff of (that original song that was sampled in) “Come with me” with Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page. Very dramatic though, what a strange video! She’s got a big voice hasn’t she? I really quite like this – shame the Israelis didn’t, with only 5% of the votes going to this song. It’s a bit basic that chorus is decent, and it’s got a nice message for the gayz and all the kiddies at home. Be proud of who you ARRREEEEE!!!

Mei Finegold israelNish’eret iti – Ooh Hebrew dance stomper maybe? This is more like it, I love the simmering dance beat at the start, what a tease! It doesn’t quite live up to its promise, it feels like it never quite reaches that big moment. She’s got a powerful voice and I think the song needs a bit more energy to counterbalance her. Still, decent enough.

Same Heart – But decisive victory went to this song. Rightly so though, how good is this? Some choice lost-in-translation lyrics too, I love that blurted out “I’m not an animal in captivity aahhh”. What is the first bit in the chorus, she’s skinning him out?? This is just what I meant in the previous song, she needs a counterbalance and this production does the job. Rocky and dancey in equal proportions, with some Hebrew too! *clears throat*.

It’s reminiscent of Kati Wolf’s amazing “What about my dreams?”. I thought it didn’t benefit from the comparison until that key change! I just hope she gets a choreographer and a new wardrobe before Copenhagen. This is definitely my favourite of the three songs, well done Israel – you might just get through the semi-final after all!


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