Paris calling: France’s 2014 Eurovision selection

It’s been a little while since France have chosen their entry in a public selection event – 2007’s Les Fatal Picards were the last winners of a French national final, and considering they came in the bottom 5, it seems the French wanted to take matters into their own hands.

FranceFrance is a founding member of Eurovision, obvious by the usage of French as the other official language in the contest. One paper it’s a heavyweight; five wins and numerous top 3 finishes. But their last win was back in 1977, and they haven’t troubled the top 5 since 2002, often unfairly handicapped with the same poor results as the UK for the last decade, even turning 2011’s runaway favourite into a 15th place finish.

Internal selection hasn’t turned things around much, with their 2012 & 2013 entries both ending up dead last in the overall public vote. Will the public input to this final finally change that? Tentatively only three entries were picked as finalists, and a 50/50 jury/televote decided the entry taking the Tricolore in Denmark.

chansons d'abord france

Destan – Sans toi

destan franceHello Destan! OH it’s a boyband, what an odd way to get onstage. A very distilled idea of the boyband, covering as many types of handsome men as possible, singing a midtempo boyband ballad to appeal as broadly as possibly. It’s nothing really original, and giving equal vocals to all three was maybe a mistake (the blond is much better). But it’s serviceable and appealing, perfect for the bottom-half of a scoreboard.

Joanna – Ma liberté

joanna franceA dramatic but gentle ballad in French certainly looks the part – interesting hair though. I can’t fault her vocals, but the song lets her down a bit. It just doesn’t really gather enough momentum; she gets a chance to stretch her voice towards the end, but even then it feels like there’s not enough energy in there to make people sit up and take notice.

Twin Twin – Moustache

twin twin franceAfter my lukewarm feelings towards the others, I hope the winner is worthy! It at least has some colour and looks memorable. The pace is good, I think this acoustic guitar with a dance beat will go down well.

I’ve always been excited to hear French entries, you never know what they will send from year to year, and it’s always had a strong sort of identity. This definitely continues with Twin Twin, I can feel this being a real earworm by the time the contest comes around, and more importantly it’s pretty instant as a pop song. Well done France, I hope this works out – is a win out of the question? It would be a long time coming, and well deserved if it comes in Denmark.

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