Financial Diarrhoea

GAHHHHH I’m stressing out today, I seem to be pooping money. I mean not for my own use, maybe haemorrhaging money is a more normal usage but it sounded a bit graphic. I suppose pooping money isn’t much better.

broken piggybankHaving been royally fucked over by fucking CORINNE at the dental plan company who, after my shelling out over £300 in dental work, and over £100 in dental cover, are only refunding me £49. I was better off without the cover! I’m still outraged and it’s been a few days.

Then my shitty car that has been pleasantly trouble-free for most if its ten years decides that I need more excitement in my life. Something weird with the gearbox keeps disengaging the automatic and leaving me with the only option of using the manual gear paddles to come to a stop somewhere. It will happily start again, but only when the car has been turned off and is out of standby mode. Unfortunately hazard lights or headlights stop this from happening, so I have been stuck at a few roundabouts this week, a few times in the dark, with the only solution to be to suicidally turn off all my lights.

The repairs are taking longer than anticipated due to the mechanic being delivered the wrong part or something, so I’ve had to leave it overnight which has been a real ball-ache before I even think about how much it will cost.

flightTHEN! As avid readers might know, I am moving to Japan next month, and it’s now time to book the flight. One-way tickets are HOW MUCH?! Osaka is a fucker to fly to as well, no direct flights so the best I can do is brave an 8 hour layover in Dubai airport. I hope I’m not totally knackered, but at least I’ll hopefully be reunited with my stuff and I don’t have to worry about it not making it to Japan.

I think really the dentist thing is pissing me off the most. I mean I’m pleased I got the work done, except maybe the visit to that witch of a hygienist, but I thought it would be covered by my policy, but instead it’s just a scam in my opinion. Stay away from the NDP, the crooks!

Bah… well, it’s nearly the weekend, I will try and cool off. Sorry not to do yet another national final, I’m struggling to keep up but I couldn’t bring myself to do it tonight, soz! x


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