Madrid calling: Spain’s Eurovision 2014 selection

It’s been three years since Spain last opted for a national final to select their artist for Eurovision, but after the lukewarm reception their big name ESDM got in Malmö, it’s back to the drawing board. So five artists have been selected this year to compete for the right to fly la Rojigualda in Copenhagen, including one familiar face to UK viewers…

SpainYes, after a few years of speculation, it was a bit of a surprise that X-Factor UK alumnus Ruth Lorenzo made good on her plans and attempted to represent her home country. Having come 5th on 2008’s fifth season of X-Factor, I wonder if that will translate to some British votes. Curiously, that year’s 3rd place contestant Eoghan Quigg could well be representing Ireland if tonight’s Eurosong goes his way. Reunion! Shame the UK couldn’t send Alexandra Burke though, quite frankly.

Anyway, a 50/50 split of Jury/Televote decided the winner, though Ruth and Brequette reached a draw. Ruth won the public vote, so she ended up winning, much to her own surprise about 2 minutes after everyone else knew (see the clip at the end of the article, amazing! “SOY YO??”)La Dama – Estrella fugaz

She got the wind machine out too early, you can hear it! What a difficult song to sing this must be, the melody is up and down and up and down… that chorus sounds a bit familiar. It loses momentum a bit after that though, it’s back to nearly acapella for the verses. Not sure about the shouty middle-eight, but she’s beautiful with a great voice. I think the song is a bit forgettable, but not bad. That hair toss!

Raúl – Seguir sin ti

????????Oh hello Raúl! Looking sharp. I knew the ballad start was a red herring, it turns into a fairly passionate midtempo. Those big drums are helping, though I’m not going crazy for this song. His voice is much better than La Dama though. Quite emotive, but Spain needs to get with the times, this is a bit old-fashioned, though that glory note is quite something!

Jorge González – Aunque se acabe el mundo

jorge gonzalez spainOMG HELLO JORGE. This starts off a lot more promising, standing on a big pile of dancers and straight into the action. La Dama’s problem was probably lack of dancers, she can’t do much in that dress. Jorge has no such problems, they even start tearing clothes off him! As a non-Spanish speaker, Spanish songs sort of hinge on the melody and voice, and this really works for me. The nonsense with the violins could have been ditched though. Best so far!

Brequette – Más

A very narrow 2nd place goes to afro-tastic Brequette with another great voice, and a fantastic co-writer, Swedish Eurovision legend G:Son, responsible for my favourite Spanish entry ever, 2012’s Quedate Conmigo. It’s got that G:Son big ballad vibe, and her voice is superb. There are moments when she goes a bit shouty, but this really works as a song. The first real contender I think. That glory note too!! She loses control a little big after, but still AMAZING.

Ruth Lorenzo – Dancing in the Rain
ruth lorenzo spainCome on Ruth, I’m so looking forward to this, how great to see her back! I love that intro, what a lovely voice, and you can just tell it’s waiting to turn into something big. Those big drums and light synths give a great texture to the second verse. I might have some doubts about the chorus being a bit basic, but how can you argue with that voice?! Brilliant!

I might find it easier to like Mas as a Eurovision entry – after all, G:son almost defines Eurovision’s sound – but all I could ask for is a great song performed by a great singer, and I’m so pleased it’s our Ruth Lorenzo who’s the one singing in Denmark. Well done Ruth, well done Spain!



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