Under attack

I WAS going to blog about another Eurovision national final tonight, but then two things happened. Firstly, I decided to finally do the Japanese homework I’d been putting off, despite having had two weeks to do it. That took an hour and a half, and I didn’t even do it all! Why don’t I put more effort in?

smashing laptopMore persistent was the second thing that got in my way tonight – some shitty adware thing that’s polluted my browsers. I’ve literally only just finished setting up this new laptop, and something’s already gotten in, throwing pop-up adverts like there’s no tomorrow, and even producing talking adverts halfway down Youtube video pages, so they start randomly during videos I’m playing. VERY ANNOYING. So you aren’t getting my usual glittering dissection of some European nonsense. Huff.

The McAfee free trial I got with the laptop didn’t spot the adware, that’s not a great advert really. I’m hoping AVG will do better (even though that kept interfering with my browser on my last laptop. Any thoughts? I’ve done plenty of removal of add-ons and stuff like that, but it’s doing things like defaulting to a “Conduit” search engine that I removed before, web searches hint that it’s an add-on for Firefox but I have none. What a ball-ache. I’m of half a mind just to reset the damned thing and start from scratch again.


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