Single: Foxes – “Let go for tonight” (2014)

This is new? I assumed I was miles behind with the whole Foxes thing. She hasn’t even got an album out yet! I say “She”, Foxes isn’t a band as you might imagine, it’s just the one girl. Not sure I approve of the name but whatever. She’s got this new single out next week

foxes let go for tonightShe’s had one single out already, “Youth” back in September. Not sure I like that though, or not as much as this. Taking time out from making sentences about them sounding gramatically incorrect, Foxes sounds like a sort of mid-point between various worthy female artists of the moment: Florence, Adele, a bit of Paloma maybe, dare I say Duffy, without the conscious effort to sound like something from the past.

It’s all big complicated synths, fragile pained vocals and some Ronson-esque layers of ‘proper band’ instrumentation.

I’d forgive you for thinking I’m being a bit negative – I suppose it’s just what I’ve come to expect from an overly-styled act with a big label push. She pouts and looks styled to within an inch of her life, flipping between stage-managed cool and breaking for the camera with her hipster mates throwing cupcakes at each other.

The song’s alright – I think I preferred her feature credit on Zedd’s “Clarity”, which gave her not only a US breakthrough top 10 hit, but a Grammy award to boot! I need to hear a few more songs before I’ll get more interested I think. But then I suppose 6 years ago I was listening to Kate Nash who was just as contrived a music star, so I can’t really talk.

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