The BRIT awards 2014: Trials and Tribulations

I hadn’t planned to watch the BRITs tonight, but Beyonce was enough of a draw, and I’d had too much pizza so I stayed even after her mid-show performance. I’m sure you don’t need me to say that it was as underwhelming as much as recent BRITs have been. I can’t even say it was predictable, as most of the nominees were so beige it wasn’t even worth speculating.

beyonce britsBut it wasn’t without its high-points. Beyonce really did steal the show with her first TV performance of “XO”. I was getting “Oz, the great and powerful” vibes from the opening section, and perhaps the staging looked more impressive on paper, but it was still head and shoulders above the rest.

The clumsy ‘collaboration’ with Lorde & Disclosure was in the tradition of these supposed medleys, i.e. one person starts performing, abruptly finishes and the other act starts. The same went for Ellie Goulding, performing a brief acoustic bit of “I need your love”, before whipping off her slanket and guitar to croak her way through “Burn”. Her voice is so thin you could lose it down a drain, I don’t get the hype about her performing.

A better team-up was Rudimental and Bastille who not only both performed their best songs, but sort of mixed them together a bit. It was an energetic performance either way, not bad considering I’m not big fans of either (except Bastille’s “Pompeii”).

What else… Katy Perry really didn’t impress with “Dark Horse”, how is that song such a hit?! Her vocals were barely there, even if the staging was one of the few ambitious shows of the night.

Closing the show was Pharrell Williams & Nile Rogers, doing a brief flurry of older tracks, but mostly his vacuous hit “Happy”. Is this really going to be a million-seller? What happened?!

THAT WAS THE BRITS! Just download “XO” and let’s just pretend this never happened, OK?


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