Teething trouble

Tonight’s post comes from my new laptop. What an exciting development, eh? Well of course it won’t look any different to you, but the keys feel different under my fingers, and also I have to negotiate with Windows 8 in order to do any of this.

angry computer guyI sort of get the idea of Windows 8 now, with those apps on your front page continually updating you with crap from Facebook and the weather (cold, apparently). Once I’ve got them all in a sensible order I’m sure it’ll be super.

I just wish all the demo videos it cheerfully suggests to me didn’t depend on me using a Windows tablet instead of a laptop. I mean REALLY. Still, it’s so far less of a drag than buying the damn thing from Currys PC World. I was standing around for half an hour as the two attendants solved all the life problems of two dithering customers. JUST TAKE MY MONEY PLEASE.

I eventually caught the attention of a multi-chinned oaf who – having told him what I wanted to buy – led me silently to an ordering station (or something) and said he’d get my laptop brought down. THAT took another 15 minutes, during which time he wandered off to chat do a different customer (there were only about 5 customers in the whole megastore), with no indication whether he was doing anything.

I thought I was over it but I’ve just written rather a lot .. anyway, an hour after arriving, and about 50 minutes after deciding what to buy, I finally left. I don’t have the energy now though … guh. And where the hell is the WordPress app on the Windows store? It teases me with it before saying it’s unavailable now. #firstworldproblems eh?

I will cheer myself up with the exciting – and probably old – news that Final Fantasy IV and VI (amongst others) are available on iPad – just waiting for a voucher to splurge on those two now…

But until then, time to suck it up and try and make this computer work. Later x

PS I didn’t get to the end of this video either, I just wanted something at the end…


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