A date with dentistry

Another short catch-up because I haven’t got a lot of time today. Not that you particularly need to know that I’m going to the dentist. I’m trying to make good use of work’s dental plan before it comes up for renewal at the end of March, but unfortunately this means I have an appointment to get two new fillings tomorrow. Gah.

It should be fine, having got a great new dentist in 2010, I had quite a bit of work done over the next year. Even though it was NHS it did rack up the price. But since getting dental cover in 2012 I haven’t really needed any work doing, so it was a bit of a waste of time. Not this time though, I’m getting my money’s worth, even if I do have to get injections in my GUMS. Ugh.

dental plan lisa needs bracesIt doesn’t help that I keep thinking “Lisa needs braces” every time I hear/say “dental plan!”… TV ruined me. With that done, and hopefully my face not too puffy and numb, I’m looking forward to a nice few days, well deserved after a busy week.

I just wish it would warm up a bit. Sure, I’ve seen plenty of news footage of large areas of the UK flooded, but that doesn’t make me any warmer! Perhaps that’s a bit callous, but it’s still true.

Anyway, I’ll let you get on, I’m sure I’ll write something a bit more substantial in the next few days. A few more Eurovision national finals are coming up at the weekend anyway, Lithuania and Iceland. I suspect I know which one I’ll prefer, but let’s wait and see. Later! x


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