Single: Shakira & Rihanna – “Can’t remember to forget you” (2014)

Shakira! You remember Shakira, right? I suppose it’s been a while. When was “She Wolf”? 2009 apparently, fancy that. I know she’s produced plenty of Spanish albums, but since her UK debut back in 2002, her upcoming self-titled album is only her fourth English-language release. Could that impact on her hopes for a big comeback? Well, I wouldn’t ask Nelly Furtado…

shakira rihanna can't remember to forget youSo let’s rope in some star power. Arguably Rihanna is the biggest star of the last few years (I said arguably, give me a break), so it makes sense to hitch a wagon if you’re after big exposure. I didn’t mean exposure literally, but there’s plenty of that going on here too.

Shakira’s no stranger to the superstar duet of course, featuring with Beyonce on “Beautiful Liar” back in 2007. I think that was for Beyonce’s “B’Day” re-release but it’s clear who’s running the show on this new single.

It’s difficult to anticipate what a Shakira/RiRi duet would sound, but the video is pretty much as expected. As so often seems to happen, I saw the video a few times in the gym before hearing the song, and I almost imagined something a bit more like “Beautiful Liar”, but it’s more of the typical Shakira brand of Latin-rock, though sadly without her usual lunatic lyrics.

As I said, the video is as expected – they look pretty for a while, then they get their bodies out, more particularly their arses. All very good, Shakira does that rump-rolling move against a wall like she often does, and plays the guitar like she often does.

I wanted this to be better; Shakira’s come out with some amazingly offbeat lead singles, but this feels a bit too much like playing it safe. Maybe the label is conscious that there’s been a big gap since her last material, and they can’t be too complacent. However, now seeing she’s racked up over 100m views in little over 2 weeks, I doubt they’ve got too much to worry about yet.

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