Actually it’s not that bad, but I shouldn’t make a habit of it. I was helping at a conference in London yesterday. Nothing too intense, but it took all day, and there was a free bar at the end of it.

mcdonaldsMy colleagues and I, dignified to the last – who I might add don’t get out much, let alone to London – made sure the bar tab was put to good use, and the rest is history. Whatever happened, anyway. So yeah, I’m a bit urgh today. I stuck to the vodka though, even avoiding a nearly-mandatory sambuca shot (and thus certain vomiting), so I’m not too bad today.

I did need to go and pick up my car from the office though, and I brought back a McDonalds for me and my perpetually hungover (at least at weekends) housemate, as well as indulging in a bit of Donna Summer (thankfully provided by a friend) I suppose this weekend is dribbling away as much as it usually does. Ironing done, blog done, I’ve finished Series 4 of Doctor Who – I will write a bit about that once I’ve got through the special episodes – and now I’m off to my parents’ house to watch something trashy like Splash.

Maybe tomorrow will be different.


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