Single: & friends – “Feelin Myself” (2014)

Too many collaborators to list in a title… teams up with viral queen (in every sense of the word) Miley Cyrus, as well as Wiz Khalifa and French Montana whoever they are. This is the latest chapter in a ‘troubled’ album campaign for will’s fourth solo album “#willpower”, his second since the Black Eyed Peas made it big.

will i am feelin myselfWhen DID this campaign start? His 2012 hit “This is love” is on there, as is his only genuine smash hit “Scream and Shout”. This album has been out for nearly a year now and it’s not going well. With his existing hits (including Bieber collab “#thatPOWER” that never really took off) already losing their shine, the album peaked high and dipped fast.

In the US, he hasn’t got much further than 60,000 copies, and the other major markets aren’t looking much better. His summer hit “Bang Bang” was stranded on a deluxe edition of the album and didn’t revive its fortunes. So it’s time for a re-release with one extra track. This one. It had better be good.

Nah, it’s just what you expect, a flash looking video with digital effects and will’s unsinkably high opinion of himself doing the legwork. The song is plain as you like, a low electro bassline supports the usual self-aggrandising bullshit about being famous, banging hoes and driving flash cars. Is this it?

Despite the fairly dismal “Bangerz” album, Miley is the only saving grace of this one. I just don’t see what this is meant to achieve, it’s just tired old shit by an artist who’s only still famous because there’s nobody else left to take his place. Yet. Sorry will, I’m out.


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